Starting Somewhere

25 12 2010

I’m going to be very cliche and say it – Here we go!

Trying something new.  Jumping on the bandwagon.  Everyone else can do it, why can’t I?

And its Christmas Eve.  I had Christmas with my far-away family in the far-away land of Texas two weeks ago.  Christmas with the roommate family was last weekend.  So this day isn’t actually all that special for me.  (Although I did greatly appreciate the day off work.)  So I need something to entertain myself with.  And the dog is tired of my singing.


The trouble comes in picking a topic.  What, oh what, should I blabber on about?  Thankfully, I seriously doubt anyone other than my mother would read this, and her technological capabilities most likely don’t stretch this far.  Unfortunately, there will probably never be A topic.  My brain doesn’t work that way, so why would my blog?

I can already tell I probably should have put more thought into this, huh.   So like me, jumping in feet first.  With three more days off work and everyone out of town, “think” I shall.  What else am I going to do?  Besides, I need a distraction from the monstrous pile of chocolate-dipped calories staring at me from my dresser….




2 responses

26 12 2010

The ending point of the post leads one to believe that the pile of chocolate covered goodies won out. What oh what will she write next..

2 02 2011

I want some chocolate dipped calories right. about… now.

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