Where are all the one-shoed people??

9 01 2011

My kid sister is hilarious.  She has a quick wit, a sarcastic tongue, and fantastic facial expressions to go along.  She had today off, and since that never happens, we went to lunch together.  Driving down the road, she suddenly had an outburst that went something like this…

“Did you see that shoe?  Just one!  How did it get there??  I saw three single shoes along the road on my way to work yesterday.  Three!  What the hell?!  Was someone walking along the road, and suddenly decide, ‘right shoe, I don’t like you anymore’ and chuck it to the curb?  And now what?  There must be three people wandering around town, obviously limping, ’cause they probably have frostbite on that one bare foot.  I’m mean seriously, how does that happen?!”

This tirade all poured out of her in about 20 seconds.  Her cheeks were pink and her eyebrows were perplexed yet angry.  She was staring at me wide-eyed, as though I had an answer for her.

The Eyebrow(I get this look a lot…)

I started laughing.  I couldn’t help myself.  She is absurd.  The kid is going to have coronary arrest over something like why there are single shoes on the side of highway 97 and how they were lost.

One day I am going to run my car off the road cause I’m laughing so hard at her…

My Kid Sister




One response

2 02 2011

But you do have to wonder: where ARE the companions of the loner shoes?! I mean, really, who just loses a shoe? Its not like the wind coming from a rolled down window of a car could lift a heavy shoe out of the back seat and whoosh it into oblivion! And even if it could, why leave the other shoe behind? Further more, no one in there right mind would just walk out of their shoe and not notice! What? Are you too proud to admit that due to your utter lack of shoelace tying abilities, you can’t turn around and return your shoe to your foot? I mean seriously, if you don’t, what the hell are you suppose to do with the ONE shoe you kept? Will this shoe abandonment never cease?


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