Out for a stroll…

12 01 2011

I am a truly lucky soul who just so happens to live approximately 6 or 7 blocks from my office downtown.  Super convenient.  So I walk or bike to work.  At first, I didn’t think anything of it…it happened more out of necessity than the actual effort to save the environment, since my sister is not so lucky and doesn’t have a car.  However, this has somehow evolved into two of the most wonderful times of my day.  And the benefits I’m reaping are AWESOME.

Its too blasted cold and icy to bike right now, so my trip back and forth takes a little longer, but I’m starting to really appreciate the lovely stroll I get to start and end each work day.

First of all, my daily commute offers me a total of 20-25 minutes of being outside, which is invaluable when I’m glued to my desk for the 9-10 hours in between.  We usually have decent weather to not make me too miserable and I have come to absolutely love my stroll.  Breathing deep to inhale as much crisp mountain air, waving to my friendly neighbors (shout out to my boy Paco) and enjoying the beautiful scenery.  On the way home, on a clear day, I get a great view of the Three Sisters for the last 3 blocks.  Can’t beat it.

Then of course is the knowledge that I am actually doing a teeny weeny itsy bitsy bit to help out the planet.  Its not much, but I save a little gas (and the cash for the gas) and don’t emit any nasty exhaust into the air.  One less car on the road can’t hurt anything.  Plus, the walk is good for me!

Today I tapped a new benefit: Oregon’s Commute Options program.  For every 45 days I log, I receive a $20 gift certificate, and I get to choose the store the gift certificates go to!  Since my fabulous employer is a partner of Commute Options, they have decided to offer their own incentive.  For employees who opt to forfeit their parking pass, we are now reimbursed $45 per quarter.

Walking has never been so wonderful….

Its really funny to me after living most of my life in Texas where people carpooled to the corner Circle K for a coke…

Three SistersThe Three Sisters and Broken Top




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