On the road again….

20 01 2011

Back highways, beautiful scenery, quirky little towns… so good.  I love road-trips.  There is something soothing to me about cruising down the road, windows down, music blaring.

mountains in the mirror

The roads of the Pacific Northwest just beg to be explored.  Winding through old-growth forests, skirting along mountain ridges, teasing you with glimpses of crashing waves or raging rivers.  Then you’re over a ridge, the landscape flattens out, and you get a lovely view of Hood, Adams, Ranier, watching over your adventures.

Mt Hood OR

I’ve recently taken to traveling Hwy 97 from Bend, Oregon, to Twisp, WA.  So far, this is the farthest north I’ve been.  I’ve mentioned before how no one takes notice of me saying something is my favorite or that something is amazing, since I tend to apply these terms more than normal or necessary.  However, believe me when I say that the Columbia River gorge is a sight to behold.  Whoa.  Definitely a must-see.

Columbia River Gorge

And the North Cascades just command your attention.  My limited experience with mountains had not yet exposed me to glaciar-carved peaks.  I instantly fell in love with the raw, rugged, dangerous beauty.  They seem to silently scream “I could SO kick your ass!”  But they don’t scream at you.  They do, however, kick your ass when you attempt to hike them.  We hiked a tiny piece, I’m talking just a few miles, along the PCT in the Pasayten Wilderness…and my butt cheeks raged at me for days.  And Hart’s Pass made me feel like I was on top of the world!  Thankfully, I have an “in” with a park ranger that let me climb the tower on top.  Pretty sure I was staring Canada in the face.

North Cascades, Pasayten Wilderness …doesn’t do it justice…

So now I want to take another roadtrip!  Maybe back down Hwy 1 along California?  I’ve hit the Pacific, maybe its time to strike out east, check out Idaho, Montana, Yellowstone…  Or Utah!  The hoodoos of Bryce Canyon, Zion, I’ve never seen any of it.  Shoot, even another adventure through the Colorado Rockies would rock.  (haha)  Suggestions?




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