But what do you DO?!?!

25 01 2011

What do you want to be when you grow up?  And don’t tell me you are grown up, because then we can’t be friends.  A person should never stop growing.  But I want to know.  What if there were no obstacles in your way…money wasn’t an issue, education/experience weren’t a factor, relocating wasn’t a worry…what would you do?

Go ahead, ask your cube-mate, the chic on the treadmill next to you, your neighbor, the random dude at the bar.  I’ll bet you get some interesting answers.  Some people think they have it all figured out (they probably don’t).  Some people might be tossed into a terrible depression when they realize they are not fulfilling their dreams on a professional level.  Maybe – just maybe! – you’ll inspire someone to make the stretch for a career change.

But best of all, I bet you’re thinking about it now….

There is a rule when asking others this question: no judgment allowed.  The question also jumps the hurdles of judgment and expectations from others, especially family.

Don’t worry, I’ll tell you mine.  Keep in mind, this has come from years of pondering, jobs of every shape and size, and a degree I don’t really use.  Plus I read too much National Geographic and have too many interests.   Ready?  I would be a scuba diving, underwater archaeology photographer!  😀  (Here’s some of my inspiration…)

Jobs these days seem to encompass so much of who we are (which I think is lame).  So, if you could take off tomorrow and start your new career with the above mentioned lack of limits, if you could do anything, what would YOU do?!




2 responses

25 01 2011

Be an evil genius and take over the world.

6 03 2011

If you take over the world, I have a few requests… In fact, could you please write something up, similar to “If I Were King of the Forest” so I know your intentions? Thanks. 😀

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