My Name is Kalista, and I’m a Carnavore

27 01 2011

I don’t get it.  I like meat.  Humans have consumed meat since the beginning of time. I cannot, ant-bone steakd will not, subsist on fruits and veggies alone.  So there.

I respect vegetarians and vegans, I really do.  It must take a lot of will power to be able to be that meticulous about your diet, which therefore gains huge props from me.  And I can understand that some people, like one of my roomies, just doesn’t care for the taste of beef.

But I pretty much grew up on a cattle ranch.  I’ve been around or involved in agriculture all my life.  So I get a tad confused when someone tells me that the concept of “veal” is cruelty to animals.  …huh?  Eating meat is not cruelty to animals, people, it just isn’t.

I’m reading the book “Skinny Bitch” right now, and it makes the point that eating meat is contributing to the demise of our country, because factory farming destroys the environment.  And the whole first part of the chapter describes the horrors of slaughterhouses.  I can see these as being reasons for someone to stop eating meat (just not me).  However, when they say eating meat is eating “fear, grief, and rage…suffering, horror, and murder…you are eating cruelty,” now that seems a little far out there. I’m a huge animal lover and am against the cruelty, abuse, and neglect of animals, but raising them for food is a totally different ball game.

In the United States, we probably go about it all wrong, we usually do.  But I’m not one who likes to be preached to, especially about meat.  I don’t eat as much anymore, mostly due to the fact that Oregon’s bar-b-que just doesn’t live up to my standards, but I still don’t believe its as bad for my body as some people say.  Chicken and fish are staples of my diet and will remain so.  I asked for home-grilled bar-b-que ribs for Christmas, and my Dad and brother had a cook-off that resulted in a great feast.  Well-cooked pork ribs will forever be one of my favorite foods.

So to those vegetarians that keep trying to convert me, stop it!  I’ll eat what I want and like it!

Dang, now my stomach’s growling….




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