Uh oh, I’m addicted. Again.

3 02 2011

You know that rush you get when you do something super awesome and it makes you want to do it again tRocking Climbing at Smith Rockhe next day, and the next, and the next?  This happens to be when I do just about anything new!  Hiking through beautiful scenery, traveling to cool places, even just seeing a cool new band gets me really excited about life in general.

Moving to Oregon has sparked my wonder about a whole new assortment of things.  I was immediately hooked the first time I went rock climbing at Smith Rock.  The physical challenge, the mental exertion – I couldn’t get enough!

Mountain biking was another new obsession.  Flying down Phil’s Trail or Swampy, dodging trees, jumping off rocks, leaping over log piles…so much fun!  If you like mountain biking at all and haven’t seen this, watch this video on Ridin’ Dirty. Hilarious.

Then my lovely Gary Fisher was stolen, breaking my heart.  Summer was almost over, and I was terrified of the predicted worst-winter-in-years everyone kept taking about. That is, until the fluffy snow started falling in October.  Bend looked like an old black-and-white movie.  It was beautiful.

Thus began the idea to pick up a new winter sport.  Last year, I learned to cross country ski, and had a blast.  But this year I wanted to take on Mt Bachelor.  I mentioned the Ride In Five program in an earlier post, and Saturday was my second lesson.

Holy crap.


This will be me soon...shredding some gnar pow, bro!!

I predicted the beginning of a new addiction.  I was right.  I want to quit my job, buy a van, and camp in the parking lot of Bachelor.  And I’ve only been twice!!  But its so fun!  Connecting my turns was the triumph of my winter so far!  I did plow over a little kid, but I think that counts for 20 bonus points, since it wasn’t my fault.  After two nice face plants, I have decided I should get a helmet.  And I would really love to hit the mountain instead of sit at my desk all day.

Oh that would be wonderful…..

I can survive without alcohol, I don’t smoke, I’ve never been a pot-head, but I am addicted to snowboarding.  WOOO!




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