K Has Snapped. Literally.

11 02 2011

The nickname “KSnap” originated at work due to so many employees with “K” names.  Then it turned into a cheesy play on words for my photography.  I have now, quite literally, snapped.

Thankfully, this was not a mental snap.  Addictions are known for causing hurt and pain and one of mine finally has.  If you read the post previous to this one, you might have caught that I’m pretty excited to learn to snowboard.  So check this out:

soft cast over broken wrist from snowbording

Broken wrist.  Right below the thumb joint.  K snapped.  And it hurt.

Despite the initial pain, I got to take my first ride on a snowmobile, met some super nice ski patrolmen and women, and made some new friends while laid up in the Mt Bachelor first aid clinic.  I was a train wreck that whole day, but that was caused by the Vicodin, which we discovered I shouldn’t take.  I was a raving lunatic!  (My apologies to anyone unfortunate enough to receive a phone call from me that day…or come into contact with me at all…)  But then I went to sleep and the drugs wore off, and things weren’t bad.

Well, physically.  I’m still having a hard time with my level of helplessness.  My pride, dignity and independent nature are huddled in the corner together, pouting.  I can’t tie my shoes, zip my jacket, or peel my banana for breakfast.  Bathing is a whole new adventure, and my little sister is now in charge of the mop on my head and trying to make me look less like a poodle.  Work is interesting, as my job consists of so much typing (I won’t even go into how long this post is taking me…).

Then Tuesday I went in and got my hard cast.  I can still throw up a peace sign!

Broken Wrist from Snowboarding

Everyone at work has been absolutely wonderful, offering their support and encouragement.  “Don’t worry, Kage, you’ll be back on that board in no time!”  “The season’s not over til June!”  “Can I sign your cast?!”  You should see the brilliant artwork now covering my beautiful, purple arm.  I think most people haven’t signed a cast since about the 6th grade, so they get really excited.  For future reference, white-out works really well on the dark color.  🙂

Most amazing of all has been my ridiculously awesome roommates.  They have brought be coffee when I was recovering from the destruction of my pain meds.  They have helped me do my dishes, fold my laundry, and fix my hair.  From the mundane to the magical, these girls have made this mess so much easier.  Good God am I lucky!!

Roomates at Christmas

Brea, Ashlee, me, and Nicole - the lights of my life

And despite the current itchiness, awkwardness, and uselessness, I only have to wear this bad boy for two weeks, then get put in a brace.  The trip to Whistler I thought I ruined is being re-planned, the Valentine’s Day plans I thought I ruined are being adjusted, and the mountain play-days I ruined are being used to go play somewhere else!  Things are looking good.

As bad as it could have been, I have a whole new appreciation for the wonderful people in my life, my health, and my left arm.   Pardon the sappiness,  but man, have I got it good!  🙂




4 responses

13 10 2013

beautiful girl in arm cast.Has your wrist healed?

13 10 2013

Thank you, and yes, it healed nicely. I broke it in 2011…and have since switched back to skiing… 🙂

31 10 2013

I am glad to hear that your wrist is ok but be careful not to break it again because it is very sad to see pretty girls in pain.

4 11 2013

The most important thing is that you have good friends and they helped you when you broke your wrist.

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