The Haunted House

14 02 2011

Attempting to sleep with one arm in a cast is not easy.  Now that I have discovered my house is haunted, I have joined the ranks of insomniacs.

My rented house in the old district of Bend near downtown is exactly that: old.  I snatched it up because of that very characteristic.  I feel like I can relate to the quirky charm.  Electric outlets require adapters, the hardwood floors wear scars of carpet installation and removal, the pipes have caused us many plumbing nightmares.  But I adore this old place like my grandmother.

The house was most certainly one story when first built, and a renovation turned the attic into two small bedrooms with funky ceilings and odd-shaped closets.  I bump my head a lot.  The weirdest part is what we have deemed the “crawlspaces.”  There is a section of the room where the wall has a tiny door that opens to a tiny space.  I have one, Ashlee’s room has one, and the landing at the top of the stairs between our rooms has one.Haunted House

No big deal, you say?  Wrong.  These niches of secluded space are frikin’ creep-tastic.  Pitch dark, with a hint of an unfamiliar smell, and an air of mystery that sends chills up my spine.  Oh, and the doors randomly open on their own.

I came home Friday to both the hallway crawlspace and my bedroom crawlspace peering at me from half-opened doors.  I nudged the one in the hall closed with my foot, and karate-chopped closed the one in my room.  Creepy.  After a dinner out with my sister, I returned to my room to find one of my curtains pushed to the side.  Hm, odd.

I didn’t sleep well that night, tossing and turning and waking up as I tried to get some-what comfy.  My arm itched.  Finally, around 2am, I headed downstairs for water.

You’re not going to believe this, but I heard an unusual noise.  I flipped the light in the bathroom to find the faucet on.  Full blast. Someone must have left it on.  …Right?  Brea was the only other one home and she went to bed hours ago.

I walked down the hall and felt air blowing from under the door to the living room.  What the hell?  I opened the door to peer into the living room, only to see the front door standing wide open.  The same front door we keep locked at all times…

I slammed it shut, locked it, and raced back upstairs where I immediately dove under the covers like a 5 year-old.  I stuck one hand out to turn on my reading lamp.  The heebie-jeebies running up and down my spine kept me awake a while longer.  The next night I slept with my sister.

The roomies watching Paranormal Activity hasn’t helped……

Anyone know how to scare away ghosts?




2 responses

14 04 2011

if you need to come sleep with me again , you’re more than welcome! I could use some snuggle time!

15 04 2011

I am coming to snuggle with you soon! Scoot over…

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