Prisoner Released!

23 03 2011

Captain’s Log:

It all started about 6 weeks ago.  My body and I were cruising down an easy slope when we crashed, hard.  I sustained serious injuries but knew we had to get out.  However, the blinding pain caused by my injury rendered me useless.

Then came my capture.  I was stripped of my gear and forced onto a splint which bent me right at my injury.  Then I was completely bound in an itchy fabric and held in a terrible painful position.  After being transported, bounced around, and man-handled, I was forced to wait.

Finally, a doctor released me, only to poke and prod, then shot me through with radiation.  I was broken in several places, he said.  I was sure I was going to die that day.  Doc then put me back on a splint, though this one was more comfortable, and bound me once again.  There was no escape.

After only one day, my injuries had caused me to swell and throb.  Hot and itchy, my pain worsened as I felt myself crush against the solid walls.  What did they want from me?  Finally, a few days later, I was once again released, this time into new hands.  They were no better than the first.  More poking, more prodding, more shots of radiation.  Thoughts of my twin brother were all that kept me going.

This time, I was wrapped in a soft material that was warm and cozy.  Just as I thought things might be better, a warm, thick layer was applied over it.  I felt the doc get it wet then rub vigorously.  I could do nothing but sit in horror as I felt the new material harden around me.  I was truly trapped.  This new prison was worse than the last.  I couldn’t move, I couldn’t breathe, I couldn’t see past the dark purple walls.  Oh sweet mercy, will you not save me?!

Two whole weeks went by.  The only advantage to the lack of motion was that my injuries were actually healing.  Maybe this was the master plan.  My captors would let me heal, then release me only to strike me down while I was weak!  I could do nothing but think of all the worse-case scenarios.  Then, on the 14th day, I heard a sound.  Before I could guess what it was, I was being violently vibrated.  Panicked, it took a few minutes to realize that my prison walls were being cracked apart!!  I was being rescued!!

As soon as the walls crashed down, I was gently bathed.  An odd odor surrounded me, a product of the close quarters and lack of oxygen.  However, I soon realized it would not last.  The same evil doctors examined me once more, zapping me with still more radiation.  As new soft material was wrapped around me, I knew the evil doctor was about to construct new walls.  I was right.  This time, I at least wasn’t surrounded in dark purple, but a bright green.

The days fell past with unnoticed transition.  How long had I been trapped here?  My wounds were healing as I fought the insanity of confinement.  My hair was getting longer, darker, no sun to lighten it.  My skin was itchy, flaky, dried out and crusty.  And the stench was getting awful.  I was growing smaller, my muscles unused.  Surely, death would end my misery soon….

Finally, I was pulled from my stupor by a familiar noise.  Where had I heard that before?  Four weeks had passed – it was amazing I could remember anything at all.  Then the brain-shaking vibrations started again, this time more quickly.   The walls again fell apart, blinding me with the sudden light pouring in.  As I gasped for fresh air, trying to stay alert despite my exhaustion, I was plunged into another bath.  My skin felt disgusting, but the soap was delightful.

A resigned sigh escaped when I saw the evil doctor.  The poking and prodding didn’t hurt quite as bad this time.  I sat quietly through my radiation torture.  If they were planning to kill me with it, it wasn’t going to work.  I waited for the construction of my new cell walls.  The doctor started rambling instead.  I started paying attention when I heard phrases like “healing nicely” and “no more visits”.

No more construction began – no fluffy material, no colored walls.  I couldn’t believe it.  My captors released me – I’m FREE!  And despite my peeling skin and funky odor, my wounds are healing.  Back in the sunlight, after 6 weeks of captivity, I could only breathe deeply and marvel at my luck.

Not only had I survived prison, torture, deplorable conditions, and 6 weeks of complete isolation, but my twin had survived our crash unharmed!  Freedom was ours once more!

I’m weak and will need at least 2 more weeks to finish healing, but I can feel the sun on my skin, feel the breeze in my hair.  The evil doctor gave me a brace to wear when I needed extra support as I finish healing.  He must be a captive as well – forced to follow orders instead of evil as I thought.  Either way, I’m on the road to recovery, soon to be back in action!

I don’t know who my captors were, or how I got away, but I did.  I’m headed now to do my exercises, working to strengthen my muscles.  The day will come soon when I’m back at the mountain, kicking ass and taking names!  Look out guys, I’ll be bigger and badder than before!  Bwahahahahah!!


Editor’s Note:  Many thanks to our guest author, My Left Wrist, for recounting his traumatic experience.  Best wishes for a continued recovery!    😀




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