Kickin’ in the Sticks

13 04 2011

My new home in tiny Twisp is anything but backward.  Out in the sticks, sure, but not backward.  Contrary to popular belief, we have electricity, running water, AND indoor plumbing!  Oh, and we also have cell phone service and high-speed internet.  There may not be a single traffic light in the Methow Valley, but that also means there is no traffic.  Twisp, in fact, is quite the little town.  We have a community-run recycling center and town pool.  The Cinnimon Twisp bakery offers tasty treats and free wifi, complete with an old guy on the bench outside.  The farmer’s market bustles during the summer and you can find healthy alternatives at the health food store.  We even have a brewery.  So there.

Fence post pose

Despite all its charms, however, I don’t actually live in Twisp.  I live in a cute little farm house on the edge of the Sinclair’s orchard.  I’m surrounded by 7000 apple trees that are about to explode in full bloom any day now.  A short walk down past the landlords’ house brings you to the Methow River, running a little faster each day as the spring snow melt comes down the mountain.  Besides us and the Sinclairs, there are also four very sweet horses who love carrots and apples, and eleven chickens, down from seventeen after a coyote dug under the fence last week.  I am sung to sleep each night by the croaking frogs and wake each morning to the excited singing of birds.  Its an idyllic life, to be sure.

Orchard, house and Mt McClure

Fear not, I haven’t gone completely off my rocker just yet.  I had a near melt-down in Hank’s Grocery the other day when I realized everyone else in the store was over the age of 70 or had 3 screaming kids hanging out of their shopping cart.  I fled like my back pockets were on fire.  I have started chatting with the little spiders that dance across the ceiling while I’m working, but I think that’s perfectly normal.  Well, until the day one of them dropped down in front of me, scared the dickens out of me, causing me to swat and stomp.  I immediately felt terrible, but it was kind of his fault for dangling down from the ceiling like that, just about giving me a heart attack.

Apple trees of the Methow Valley

I sing a lot.  Loudly.  Some songs require some spinning dance moves from my fantastic new bright red chair.  My previous office-mates might have been disturbed by such antics.  My only office-mate now is Babbs, Jr, the lucky bamboo.  And I think she greatly enjoys the daily performances.

Yesterday I was struck by a funny feeling as I was getting dressed for the day.  I just finished making the bed, right after doing the dishes and bam – I momentarily felt like a trophy housewife.  Thank goodness I’m neither trophy nor wife.  Or a stay-at-home mom, as I have no kids.  On top of it all, I have a full-time job to keep me occupied during the day.  A great blessing indeed.  I sit in my bright chair, with Mt McClure gazing in my window, assisting me in the daily grind.  I’m going to climb him one day, and I’ve told him so.  I think the view from his peaks can be nothing short of jaw-dropping beauty.

I feel as though that window I sit in front of for the better part of 9 hours a day is my peep hole to the world, the tiny little square of world I see.  Its what connects me to civilization, as I watch cars pass by on their way…where?  To Twisp, for some grocery shopping?  Further, to Winthrop, for an afternoon beer at the little SchoolHouse Brewery?  Maybe further, heading out for some enthralling bird watching? Today, I watched a back-ho clear out the irrigation ditch on the hillside right across the road.  Some utility trucks were parked by the road, but I only had my imaginary theories as to what was going on.  The number of large rocks way out on the hills amazed me, until I was flabbergasted to notice they had moved.  And weren’t rocks but deer.  I’m very excited for the day my window is finally full of color.  The bushes and trees are budding quickly.  Soon, my hillsides will be covered in the unabashed glory of spring.  I’ve been dressing as though it were summer, to try to coax spring into arriving sooner.  It doesn’t matter if I wear a sundress when its 40 degrees out…I don’t have to leave the comfort of my window.




2 responses

14 04 2011

I can’t wait to come visit!!!

15 04 2011

Please do! And soon! Oh, the trouble we’ll find… 😀

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