Lets Party!

19 04 2011

I don’t know how you judge the success of a party, but I had a good time.  That’s success enough for me.  Good beer, good food, good people.  What more do you need??

Saturday, Justin invited everyone over for a “Let’s Pretend Its Spring” Party.  He stocked the liquor cabinet, I baked, we put up some yard games.  Recipe for success, right there.  Around 4:00, cars started turning in the driveway.  Yay!

Did the whole town show?  Of course not.  But I think the ratio of how many people showed up to how many people we know was quite high.  And the number was enough to get silly (did you know spoons is a contact sport?!) and enough to team up for Suzy Sticks and that bean bag toss game.  I forget the name.  The wind was trying to blow us back to Oregon, but that just made the games funnier.

Some awesome friends cooked up some burgers, and Justin made his famous Buckets.  Buckets = drunk.  Remember that.  And of course when darkness descended, out came the pyrotechnics.  Ever jumped through a flaming hoop?  Don’t worry, I have.  Twice.  Next time I plan to ride a bike through.  Most of the guests remaining at this point had never seen Justin’s fire twirling.  He claims it was pretty terrible, but to a bunch of drunk people, it was a fantastic, shiny light show that made us all a little dizzy watching the bright flame against the pitch black.  Oooooo, sparkly….  Best yet, we didn’t catch anything on fire that wasn’t supposed to be – the orchard remained untouched and even the yard escaped without much harm!  We’re just that good.

Fire Hoop and Flaming Nunchucks

Kids, don't try this at home!

Despite the times various people gathered their belongs and bid farewell, we sat around the kitchen table for much longer than intended….munching on the last of the finger foods, telling tales of adventure, misfortune, and anything else that came up.  I think it was finally the dog who nudged people out.

I don’t even know how late we stayed up, but it was way past my normal bedtime.  No one died, no one was arrested, and no one is now pregnant.  The mild hangovers Sunday went away, but the blackmail pictures will last forever!!  …evil laugh…




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