Working for a Living

28 04 2011

My fabulous employer allowed me to keep my job when I moved, since everything I do is internet based.  Working from home can be….challenging.  I think a lot of people have a very romanticized view of what its like.  You’re probably wrong.  Thankfully, you have me to adjust your perspective. Your welcome.

I know what you’re thinking, I can see the vision you have:  me in my pj’s, curled up in my recliner, cup of cocoa in hand, no make-up, glasses, hair like a tornado hit in my sleep, signing in at 8:15 so people think I’m “working,” snoozing for a bit longer.  I laugh in your face!  I knew you would think that, and you are SO wrong!  I don’t even own a recliner!

Its funny the changes that have occurred, due to the fact that I will very possibly see not one single person besides Justin for the entire day.  Sweat pants and a pony-tail?  Jeans and that t-shirt I’ve had since junior high?  Not a chance!  I’ve pulled things from my closet that have never met.  “Hi denim skirt, I’m a suit jacket, nice to meet you.  Have you met pink tights yet?”  Its almost like I play dress up with my own clothes.  And I love most of what I’ve put together so far!  Dresses, tights, boots, tank tops, shorts, jackets….  I don’t like “fashion” per se, but I love clothes.  My hair hasn’t been straightened in weeks, and I’m getting used to working with the curls.  I always held the lofty assumption that I don’t care what people think of me, but isn’t it interesting what has changed since there’s no one around to judge except me…

Much to the disappointment of those who doubt me, I have done well on the discipline front.  After donning the day’s fabulous threads, I sit in my corner office with my coffee and get to work.  Of course I get up every once in a while to stretch my legs, grab a snack, check the day’s activities in the orchard, grab a drink to wash down the snack…no one can sit at a desk for 9 hours not moving, and I have just as much to do no matter where my desk sits.   However, I can’t run to Lone Pine with Nicole, I can’t gossip with Paul, and I can’t discuss silly puppy antics with Meghan by the drink cooler while trying to decide which flavor of LifeWater I want.  Truth be told, I think I’m getting more work done since I have less distractions.  Oh, how I miss my delightful distractions.  I also work through lunch most days since all lunch requires is a quick dig through the fridge or cabinets, whip up something, and take it back to my cozy cubby.  Some days I take my lunch to do errands, like the grocery store or post office, just to leave the house.  My latest lunchtime get-away is working out.  Billy Blanks and I bust it up in my living room like we’re out to save the world.  I just ordered a new pilates DVD from Amazon that I’m stoked to try.  Nothing like sweating up a storm in the middle of the work day.  Talk about blowing some steam!

Then there’s my window.  Its wonderful to look up from a tedious project or frustrating client issue to check out what’s

Lucky Bamboo and Window View

Babs, Jr, my lucky bamboo, and part of my window view

going on in my 3 1/2 x 4 1/2 -foot piece of the world.  I’ve started noticing familiar vehicles, zooming back and forth each day.  Moxie, the landlord’s dog, trots up each day to roam around the pasture across the road for a bit.  Those birds must be more fun to chase, or the grass full of more exciting smells.  I feel like the mailman is an old friend, pausing each day in his green jeep cherokee to fill the box.  I’ve caught myself almost waving, knowing he probably can’t see me anyway.  Mt McClure gazes down from his cloudy peaks, keeping me company.  Little birdies have been playing in the grass this last week, just having a blast, pecking around, tossing twigs and leaves, chattering away to one another.  I envy their carefree antics in the sunshine.

There are a few interruptions to my day that really stand out.  (I’m sure it has nothing to do with the fact that they’re probably the only interruptions…)  Since I have no one to disturb and can have my music playing all day, I don’t always notice what song is playing.  Until one of my favorites come on.  Shakira!! My hips don’t lie, either!  Aye-aye-yi-yi!!  Oh boy!  A few spins in my chair, a little pounding on the desk, maybe a stomp or two…its glorious.  Back to work.  Then the phone rings!  Alright!  Who could it be??  Who cares!  Hi, how are you?!  A coworker, an old friend, even my bored brother – a human voice on the other end of the line.  Sweet, sweet voice.

And then , finally, the door opens and Justin walks in, home from his own daily grind.  Its usually 5:30 or 6.  I realize I’m starving, and my projects of the day are all abandoned in favor of my favorite distraction.  Just another day, living the dream, concluded as usual.  🙂




5 responses

29 04 2011
charlie nitric

Good Morning. Working from home does present challenges, largely because there are few distractions. Usually, people like us look for reasons to become distracted, lol. As you said, get up and walk around a little, opening and closing the the fridge 7 times before choosing something to munch on. It’s not like some new exotic food will appear the next time we look, hahaha! The phone finally rings…yippie someone to talk to. Oh no, another bill collector, lol. What is nice is that when a homeworker gets on a roll, time flies and productivity rock-n-rolls, right? Happy Friday Ksnapped. 🙂

1 05 2011

Right, rock-n-roll! Hope you had a great weekend!

29 04 2011

Completely agree! I did it for 3 1/2 years with a newborn. I basically worked from 8A – 1A most days during that time, but I loved the ability to get up, go for a run, bike ride, whatever and then come back to work refreshed. Plus…Paul isn’t at your house. That has to be some kind of order-of-magnitude improvement.

1 05 2011

Haha, you’re right, my biggest distraction – Paul – is not at my house. Yet. I’m still waiting for him to show up in his RV, park in my front yard, and refuse to leave. At which point I might run all the way back to Bend!! 😀

2 05 2011
charlie nitric

Hey Jody –

True that! Best part of working from home is having freedom…mobility: go exercise, walk around outside, call your sister, what ever. No supervisor or company rules forcing you to stick to a desk for the majority of the time.

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