I’ll Write About My Momma If I Want To!

8 05 2011

Aren’t mothers just the greatest creation ever?! Yes, I know, its terribly cliche to write about moms on Mother’s Day.  But I don’t care, especially since I don’t get to see my mother today.  In fact, I only see her once–maybe twice–a year.  And its my blog and I’ll write about whatever I want!  Oh, and in case you’re wondering, my mom is better than your mom.

A bold statement, you say?  I’m 100% bias, you say?  You must not know my mother, I say.  Of course I called her and sent her a card, but I would have much rather joined her for breakfast this morning.  My stupid brother got to take her instead.  As much as I hate to admit it, I might have lost my Model Child status when I moved even farther away from her.  Lame.

Mom on her birthday

Can you tell she's my Mom? 😀

So why is she so wonderful?  Well, let me tell you.  Because she put up with buckets of crap from her three darling children, mostly by herself, for most of my childhood.  Single mom + three kids = ridiculous amazingness.

Sadly, lots of women do this.  So what else?  My loving, generous, sweet mother brought us up to be strong, independent, driven people, full of strong morals, strong character, and gumption.  She taught us that the things worth having are worth working for and fighting to keep.  She taught us to be our own person and not to sacrifice that for anyone or anything.  And she taught us that love will get you much farther in this world than hate or cruelty will.  On top of that were lessons such as: always pick up after yourself, never call anyone after nine o’clock, always wear clean underwear on roadtrips, and be quiet in church.

Besides being there for the three monkeys of her own, she was also a mom for all the kids down the street, friends from school, and pals on the other side of town.  She could turn a meal for us four into a meal for eight with what I can only call magic.  I still don’t know her secret for that one.

She has many other skills to prove her super-mom status, such as her ability to pick coyotes off the tank dam with a .22 rifle from the back door, and raising 50 chickens, two hogs, 12 horses, a 2-acre garden, and a calf named Norman along with her kids, and making time for us in between a full day of work and a full evening of school, and being able to open any pickle jar in town.  In fact, I don’t think there’s anything my momma can’t do.

Mom and I at my college graduation

My greatest cheerleader!

And now she has survived three teenagers, two of them girls, and seen two college graduations.  All her babies have flown from the nest, off to pursue lives of their own.  She can relax in her nice clean house, watching TV with the dog and Dad, enjoying quiet evenings with my aunt or a good book.  Right?  Wrong!  Her and my aunt wouldn’t know how to have a quiet evening with the dogs!

No, she’s busy volunteering down at the abortion help clinic, or walking for breast cancer, or cooking meals for my Paw-Paw.  Or she’s down at the fitness center for her self defense class, or aerobics class, or daily time on the treadmill.  Still can’t find her?  Well, she could be down at the casino, winning $6.89 at the penny slots on a wild Wednesday afternoon.  Is it Saturday?  She might be down at the lake, helping Dad sink the boat and drinking beer.  Idle is the last word in the dictionary to describe my mother.

Still not convinced?  Well, despite being an insanely great mother to her three darling children and all our hooligan friends, she couldn’t leave it at that, now that we’re gone.  Instead, she has opened her home to children in need as a foster parent.  I’ve seen first-hand the kids she has helped.  Kids who don’t have stable homes, stable parents, stable food on the table.  They don’t usually understand fully what’s going on, but they understand Momma-Debbie is there to help, for however long she can.  Whether its a few weeks or 9 months, they get a book read to them every night and a song to sing them to sleep if they have bad dreams.  They will say their yes ma’ams and their no sirs and eat their peas because they want to make her happy.  They know she loves them, even if she isn’t their real momma, and they fervently love her back.  Its heart-wrenching to see.

Now then, I’m glad we can all agree that I have the best Momma out there.  Jealous?  Its ok.  Call her up, head on over for dinner, and you can share in her, too.  That’s the greatest part – she’s glad to be everyone’s best Momma.




4 responses

8 05 2011

I want my momma! Sis, i’m freaking crying from your blog about momma. She is wonderful isn’t she? ❤

8 05 2011

Of course she is. That’s what I’ve been saying all along. 😀 No need to cry about it! ❤

9 05 2011
charlie nitric

Hi KSnapped –

What kind of lame daughter moves away from a super mom like that? LOL…don’t tell me. You slowed her down so she “Sweetie, you young kids gotta move faster!” LOL. Well it sounds like your mother will continue to keep giving, sharing, and loving others until her twilight. Wonderful mother. And an excellent post. 🙂

11 05 2011

Well, she was the one who always told me to do what ever I wanted to do, be whoever I wanted to be, find what makes me happy, spread my wings, yadda yadda. So I did! I still expect to come home one day to find my mother camping in my yard…”Don’t mind me! Are you hungry?” 🙂
Thank you!

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