Nerd Alert!!

2 07 2011

I know the whole hipster trend tries to make “nerdy” cool, but we’ve all met the true nerds.  They might hide in plain sight, right in front of us, but they’re there.  The dude that spends every Thursday night working on his recreation of the seven wonders of the world…with legos.  The girl who can recite the periodic table by memory…forwards and backwards.  Anyone who freaks about about anything related to science — most of us would agree these traits would classify a person as a nerd, right?

Ridiculous.  People like this have a passion for something, and they go for it, whatever “it” may be.  We all have an inner nerd, and people, it is time to set them free!  Everyone has at least one passion – or should! – and we should all embrace the things we love and the way they shape our lives.  I feel like too many repress their excitement when others are around because they fear the judgement of others.

We all should strive to break through our self-conscious barrier and nerd-out whenever possible.  A friend of mine in college could tell you anything you ever wanted to know about pretty much every country artist out there – every cd they had, their whole life story, tour information – he had a passion for country music and he immersed himself in it.  Best of all, he didn’t hold back.  A song would come on and he would drop facts and tidbits to share his knowledge and show his love and appreciation for the music.

I nerd out on all sorts of things: books, photography, geology, botany, jig-saw puzzles – and I’m not afraid to say it!  Some of us tend to supress our inner nerds when we think those around us probably aren’t interested, or won’t like us as much when they discover how excited we get when we spot a certain bird in a tree, or a hot new designer bag in the shop window, or a galaxy in the night sky not often visable.  But its these unique things about us that make us special, and make us interesting.  The knowledge you soak up about something because you’re interested in it makes for great conversation.  Talking about these things might get someone else interested, since they didn’t know about it before.  Or it might just be a great conversation starter.  But showing excitement for the latest feature available from an app you designed just shows that you do something, and love it, and aren’t a boring lump who sits and stares at a wall all day.

Now I do admit, there is a fine line between being interesting and being overwhelming.  Pay attention to your audience.  If they obviously are not picking up what you’re laying down (catch my drift, home-skillet?) then move on, next topic.  Its easy to go overboard when you know a lot about something, but others will get bored if you ramble on and on and ON about the latest method of basket weaving or the intricacies of the awesome new rift you can play on your guitar.  But that’s with anything.  That pertains more to conversation skills.  But I digress….

So I challenge you today – what makes your inner nerd jump for joy?  And do you let your true nerd come out and play whenever possible?  You may have new passions – or at the very least interesting hobbies – that you haven’t even discovered!  Join the party! Be a nerd today!




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25 07 2011
we are at war

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