Summer lovin’, had me a blast….

4 07 2011

No, I’m not actually talking about the Danny and Sandy Greased Lightning kind of loving.  In fact, I’m not talking about the loving of a human at all, really.  No, I’m talking about the life kind of loving.  When you don’t want to go to bed at night because you might miss something fun, but you pass out on the living room floor from pure exhaustion because you had such a great time that day. You know what I’m talking about: summer!

Ahhh, summer.  Time for tank tops and sundresses and flip-flops and sunscreen.  The sun is bright and hot and any and all bodies of water beckon from their sparkly surfaces.  It is time to spend as many moments as possible outside.  (Though in the south, I suggest heading for the shade…)

When we were kids, summer meant the end of tortuous imprisonment behind the schoolhouse doors – the ultimate freedom we dreamed about all spring. Time for great new adventures and ice cream trucks and pool parties.  Not a lot has changed for me, I just no longer live on the ice cream truck’s route.  And even though I remain trapped behind my prison bars (commonly called a “desk”) for 9 hours a day, the sky retains light until past 9:00!

Summer brings such wonderful things.  Sprinklers to run through, picnics in the park, floating the river, camping trips, days at the lake, swimming, festivals, concerts, parades, on and on!  Ok, so some of these things happen during non-summer months, too.  But something about the hot weather makes them take on a whole new element of fun!

And in summer, I’ll gladly take the not-so-pleasant with the pleasant.  Like mesquitos and sunburn and sweat.  Itchy bites and crispy skin and stinky pits usually mean a day spent playing outside.  Everyone seems happier in summertime; maybe its all the vitamin D, maybe its the anticipation for tonight’s bar-b-que.  Maybe I’ve been in the northwest just long enough to realize how precious our fleeting summers are.  But the sights and sounds and smells of summer bring a smile to my face every time. Coconuty sunscreen and bright colored bathing suits and splashing water – all so happy.  It’s much more difficult to remain grumpy and sullen in the summery sunshine than in the dull cold of winter.

Backyard grilling

This summer was slow in coming.  We have had a long, wet, chilly spring.  Yet thankfully, this Fourth of July weekend was coated in full-on summer, in all its splendid glory.  Nice hot temperatures, buzzing insects – break out the sunscreen and bug spray!  Well, I actually forgot both and am now sporting a lovely red glow spotted with bites.  But a smile still radiates from my face.  Maybe because we attended the Fourth of July parade this morning and the Arts Fair in the park this afternoon.  Or maybe because we grilled out and had burgers and hot dogs and corn on the cob.  Or maybe because I don’t need four layers and a jacket just to go outside, and I can open the windows in the house, and I can run around barefoot.  I rejoice in summertime, embrace it, bask in it, drink it up like an ice-cold glass of sweet tea.  Life is so good right now!

How nice it is to sit outside with a group of buddies, sticky with watermelon, laughing at some guys latest antics, hashing plans for the next trip.  Or how romantic to sit under the stars by the flowing river with your significant other, swatting mesquitos off each other. (Ok, maybe not that romantic…)  I’ve really been finding great enjoyment in the snow here, but some things simply cannot be enjoyed in the icy grip of winter.

Want to soak up some rays with me?  Come on over.  I’m even planning on relocating my office to the picnic table outside.  Or call me this weekend and we’ll do some hiking or biking or swimming or floating or boating…or something.  🙂  But I have only three more words for you: soak it up!




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