Sun Burn and Sand Castles

19 08 2011

I am probably the eleventy millionth person to write of a deep passionate love for the ocean, and I therefore offer this disclaimer: read at your own risk as you have probably heard this all from some other fool.  The ocean has not changed and its effects on mankind have caused much greater works than my dinky blog.  That being said, I declare to you now – I LOVE THE OCEAN!!

I drove to Bend Friday and my sister and I were on the road, westbound, by 8am Saturday.  Coffee in hand, iPod blaring, navingating as we went, we were both giddy with anticipation.  Up and over the Cascades, we tried to ignore the thick, low clouds and dropping temps. By the time we reached Waldport, it was 58 degrees….who cares!  We’re on the coast!!

Lunch on Strawberry Hill, shopping in roadside flea markets and doo-dah shops, we finally decided it was time to pick and campsite for the night then spend the remaining day-light hours on the beach.

We are retarded.  There are no campsites on the coast at 4pm on a summer weekend right before school starts back.  What.were.we.THINKING.  We drove almost all the way to Florance before the stars took pity on us and a camp manager let us have a hiker/biker spot.  Tucked up on a little hill, secluded, with a babbling brook running along one side, it was only $11 because there was no picnic table.  Done!

Quickly building Brea’s killer new tent, we tossed our stuff inside and bee-lined for the shore.  We could not be contained.  The delight at our good fortune with the campsite and the sheer excitement of being on the beach possessed us both, and dumping our stuff in the sand, we ran.  With uninhibited joy, arms stretched wide, faces to the heavens, we ran.  Reaching the end of a sandbar jutting into the water, the waves rolled up our ankles.  Brakes-reverse-damn that water is CHIL-AY! Shrieking like a bunch of seagulls, we splashed around in the icy waves, too happy to care as our feet turned red and numb.  They can thaw later!  Oh, you should have seen the chest-bumps, the cartwheels, the toe-touching jumps. A true exhibition of pure, radiant, exhilerating happiness.

Excited on the Oregon Coast

Soon we calmed a bit and lapsed into our own contemplative reverie. My mind cleared as I released myself to the even breathing of the water – in, out, in, out – the sound soothing my soul like aloe on a sunburn.  The setting sun, the crashing waves…it was almost too much for my little heart to take.

misty Oregon coast

The evening back at camp was delightful.  A fuel canister that didn’t fit our camping stove was the only mishap.  You know how amazing this is if you’ve ever spent 10 minutes with my sister and I.  The jokes got cornier as we crawled in our sleeping bags; Brea was zonked before it was completely dark.  We both slept like the dead.

Rock Creek Campsite Oregon Coast

Bright and early the next morning, we ate and packed up to get our happy butt cheeks back in the sand.  We headed down to the dunes south of Florance with our suits on, towels ready, sunscreen in the bag.  The day was GLORIOUS.  My sister was more interested in searching for shells, dipping her toes in the water, exploring the sands.  I just vegged out, sprawled on my towel, begging my pores to soak up as much sun and salt air and weekend-at-the-beach as possible.  It was so fantastic I didn’t want to twitch a big toe to shoo away a fly.

Sand dunes of Oregon coast

Finally, hungry and thinking it might have been a good idea to actually apply my sunscreen, we cruised into Florence for a massive crab lunch, shopping and salt water taffy.  Then we reluctantly flopped back in the car to trek back to Bend.

Florence, Oregon

Highlights of the weekend: realizing Brea’s tent is big enough to live in when we decide to become beach bums; the pretty pile of shells to add to my collection; the intricate patterns of scortched skin due to my lack of lotion application skills; and a camera full of Kodak moments fit for the world’s greatest scrapbook.  Oh, and two days of dirt-bagging it with my kid sister.  I don’t know what you do for fun, but our Fun-O-Meter is off the charts!!  ❤




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