Best Friends and Break Downs

2 09 2011

I could barely get my work done fast enough on Friday.  It felt like Christmas morning, and I had peeked in the closet and already knew what I was getting.  Santa was bringing two of my best friends up to see me, and all I had to do was drive up to the pass and meet them.  YAY!!

Justin and I drove up and met Ashlee and Morgan on Rainy Pass, a little ways past Washington Pass.  Justin had picked out a nice 6 mile loop he was sure we would love.  I was more excited about wrapping my arms around my sista-from-another-mista!!  We finally found each other, hugged, giggled, took too long to get ready, talked over each other, and somehow made it to the trail.  Its actually pretty amazing we saw any of the trail at all as we jabbered and chattered like monkeys in a tree.  The boys were far enough ahead and immersed in their own conversation to not be bothered by us.

Thankfully, Ashlee and I are both skilled enough to yammer on and enjoy the wicked views all at the same time.  I was one proud momma chicken finally getting to show off my chickies…I mean my mountains.  I need one of those drop-down flip-out photo displays for my wallet, providing a full display of all my babies to torture innocent bystanders with.  (I should probably learn all their names first…)

Lake Ann above Rainy Pass, WA

first view of Lake Ann - sparkly!

Above Lake Ann, Heather's Pass WA

almost to Heather Pass, looking back on Lake Ann

Maple Pass WA

Prom pose! Or our engagement photo...

Up to Heather Pass, views of Lake Ann, across Maple Pass, gazing at Rainy Lake, climbing to the top, pitching snowballs at each other, posing like a prom picture with towering spires and ridges of the North Cascades as our backdrop.  My favorite scenery with my favorite people – couldn’t ask for much more than that.  I won’t speak for the others, but I was happy as a clam.  😀

Maple Pass, North Cascades WA

I'm the king of the WORLD!

Rainy Pass, North Cascades WA

Admiring my mountains from the top

Maple Pass, North Cascades

You can see part of the trail we hiked in on

Saturday: bandaged toes, stop at the Farmer’s Market, and we’re off!  The plan was to head up to Hart’s Pass, then hike along the PCT.  The day was open for whatever we wanted.  What we got was NOT what anyone wanted.

Dead Horse Point is appropriately named, since horses and mules used to fall off the trail to their ultimate doom below.  Its a nasty spot.  Not where anyone would want to get a flat, for sure!  Wait, is that hissing sound coming from my tire??  Good thing today was NOT one of my usual lone wolf adventures!  The guys did quick work of that tire and the spare was ready to go in no time.  Ashlee and I hurled many a rock over the edge (easily entertained) as we cheered for our pit crew.  Ready to turn back for Mazama, the awesome metal on rock noises landed us back on the side of the road.  Crap.  The donut was so small, my car didn’t have enough clearance for the rocky road.

Dead Horse Point, Hart's Pass WA

Tire changed...but we still can't go anywhere...

By some miracle of the stars, the universe gifted us a big Ford with two incredibly nice men ready to haul all four of us and the popped tire down to Mazama to the other car.  Chatty guys who admitted to thinking we were dumb asses for parking on the side of the road for a hike when there was no where to hike to (we all had our hydration packs on ready to hike down to some shade), they really saved our hides.  Whatever guardian angel, karma goddess, swirly good spirit of the great beyond that is watching out for us – thank you!

Back to Twisp and a visit to my buddy Les (you might know him as Mr Scwab), they kindly let me lighten my bank account by a much-missed $300 for two front tires.  Despite only one popping, both were in bad shape.

Back to Mazama.  Dropped Justin off to go to a wedding.  Back up the mountain with the new tire.  No keys to be found.  (REALLY?! Stomp stomp kick stomp stomp) Justin’s car cooling off from overheating on the climb up.  Morgan spending his vacation in the dirt two feet from a vertical drop, changing my tire.  Back to Mazama.  Ashlee got beer, Morgan and I got keys.  Back up that damn mountain that I never want to see again.  Both cars slowly back down.  Picked up Justin from the reception.  Back to Winthrop for some much deserved pizza and beer.  Holy boulders, Batman, we just spent our entire day driving up and down the same wretched stretch of road, to not see the awesome views, not take a beautiful hike, and not play in the river after a sweaty day of fun.

Embarrassed that it happened, angry that I wasted the one full day my besties were here, and stressed at dropping such a chunk of change, I was trying to laugh off the day and not melt down like a chocolate bar on a Texas sidewalk.  I came close to making it.  Thankfully, I’m really awesome at picking friends, and these two in particular are the best around.  Supportive and understanding throughout the whole ordeal, I would probably still be sitting up there pouting like a 3rd grader but for their contagious sunny attitudes.

Finally home, we devoured the pizza we had picked up and played rowdy card games, laughing at the day’s mishaps and raging competitively over rules.  Soon, cards were flying, knuckles were crashing, voices were yelling.  All’s well that end’s well.

We had a big breakfast Sunday morning and a relaxing hour at the Carlton Beach before sending my Bend family back home.  Our first visitors to the apply orchard, I hope the unfortunate events won’t make it their last.

“True friends are like bras – always supportive, lift you when you’re down, never leave you hanging and close to your heart.”




2 responses

11 09 2011

I love it! I would do it all again next weekend just to spend more time with you my love!

14 09 2011

I’m so glad we at least got to spend some quality time together. 😀 You’re the best!

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