Old friends and New friends. I hope…

3 10 2011

Last weekend we went to Bellingham for my first time.  I’ve been up highway 20 enough times now that these peaks, ridges, valleys and forests feel familiar.  You know, like we’re homies.  Oh hey Cutthroat, what’s up?!  How’s the pass?  Blue Lake, parking lot’s looking full, you must still be Mr. Popular! Hey Rainy Pass!  Tell Ann hi for me!

But then the reunion ends.  From there, its all uncharted territory.  We decided to take my car on this weekend excursion but I asked Justin to drive.  I’d hate to drive us off a cliff as I gawk out the window.

Then not far after Rainy Pass, we stopped and hiked Easy Pass before continuing on.  This piece of forest is just on the transition between east side and west side – and I forgot how much I ADORE the west side forests!  I had a ball scampering along the damp trail, investigating the unfamiliar flora, inspecting the new-found wonders.

Easy Pass, WA

Pretty Forest!

However, it wasn’t long before I was climbing a horrendous rocky slope that had me wishing for a helicopter to whisk me away, sliding back down the atrocious switchbacks as I sent silent prayers to anything that might be willing to help me, and slipping on some slimy rocks in some run-off across the trail and crushing a pretty feather I had clung to almost the whole way.  By the time I finished the eight miles, I was saturated in sweat from the exertion and humidity, dehydrated because my hydration pack had a leak and had to be left behind, and not impressed with the trail at all.  Sure, the views at the tip-top were nothing to complain about, but I have finally hiked a trail that is NOT my new favorite.  Alert the media.

Easy Pass, WA

Made it to the top...barely...

Then we continued down the highway through the North Cascades, which DO happen to be my favorite mountains, to the delightful abode of two wonderful friends of Justin’s.  After chatting and acquainting ourselves, we freshened up and hit the town for some dinner.  Bellingham is a charming little town that I would like to spend more time in one day.  We stuffed our faces with giant burritos and margaritas then spent a raucous night around the fire pit in their backyard.  A couple neighbors joined us and we raged for hours!

Unfortunately, the raging continued in the morning in the way of a kill-me-now hangover that left me bedridden for the majority of the day.  Way to make a great first impression with Justin’s friends.  Hi, my name is Kalista, and I suddenly lack the capacity to handle my alcohol.  Nice to meet you.  Excuse me while I go puke in your bathroom for the fiftieth time.  (I was mortified.)

The boys went for a hike and I begged for death to take me.  Around 5ish, we loaded up and headed back home.  The asprin and pedialite Justin got me were finally returning me to human status and I think I slept most of the way.  I know I slept like the DEAD once I dragged my pathetic heap of a body into the house and into bed.

Hopefully – fingers crossed! – I haven’t forever repulsed my new friends and we carry out some of the fun plans we discussed over dinner.  Or I might be calling one of you to hang out with me when Justin leaves for the weekend and I’m not invited….. 😀




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