Bending the Seasons

16 11 2011

I’m pretty sure I just wrote about fall, didn’t I??  Well, guess what.  Now its winter.  Already!  I did NOT have enough mental prep time for this!

I hate to admit it, but I have a feeling that this might be all my fault.  Whoa, whoa, calm down – let me explain!

Autumn in the Methow Valley

I was sitting in front of my window, marveling at my beautiful maple tree dropping her autumn outfit, minding my own business.  The weather was nice, the sun poked her shining face out of the clouds a bit each day, and I was reminded of how fabulous the season of fall can be.  Then we packed our bags and hit the road (again), headed south to Bend OR for Halloween and a week with friends.

Halloween was nice.  Quite humorous. Saturday with the pals to the Deschutes Warehouse party then downtown.  I get to mark “offensive Halloween costume” off my bucket list after one old lady pursed her lips and wagged an accusing finger at the beer propped up on my “pregnant” belly.  How flattering that she found me that convincing.

Redneck Halloween, Bend OR

Cooter and Charleen, fancied up and ready for a night on the town! Woo-eee!

Monday, off to the office – well, it was more exciting than you would think.  Maybe because most of the 120-ish employees were in full costume.  Or maybe just because I never see another soul apart from my Skype dates with my own little team of six.  I immediately went to coffee with my bestie (yes, in our costumes), scheduled lunch dates, and made a quick round of “hi!”s, “how ya been?!”s, and “so good to see you!”s.  I work with some really super amazing people and its so fun going back to see them.  We also had a pot-luck Halloween party for lunch.  My Perfect Purple Plum Pie failed to win the Dish Contest, and my gypsy get-up was no match for Garth from Wayne’s World or the Baldy’s sign.  I didn’t mind (and even agreed).

Halloween at G5 Search Marketing, Bend OR

We take Halloween VERY seriously

Gypsy costume, Bend OR

twirling gypsy, made from all my own clothes....!

Days at work were going smoothly while evenings were full of social engagements with J and I’s Bend families.  So much fun!  I was expecting a nice crack to the air, a crisp breeze, frigid nights – and even packed with surprising awareness for the unpredictable Bend weather.  Didn’t matter.  By the end of the week it was snowing.  S.N.O.W.I.N.G.   What?!  NO!  Snow at the beginning of NOVEMBER with absolutely NO warning is just unacceptable!  So I donned my hat, gloves, scarf, tights, sweater and extra coat and went to work.

Then came the kicker.  Friday night.  A friend invited us to celebrate her birthday a-top Bend’s famous cycle pub.  Have you ever seen one of these things??  Holy bicycles Batman.  A cart on wheels, with 12 seats and sets of pedals, a middle area fit for serving beverages or booty dancing, two seats in the back for non-pedaling participants, and complete with a “driver” in the front to steer the contraption.  Oh, and don’t forget the handy cup-holders to prevent spillage of your beer around the corners.  That’s right, its like a two-hour spin class with beer.  They can’t actually serve you, but you can bring what ever you like.  And beer-stops are not only acceptable but highly encouraged.  Our group, of course, took it one step further by going DOWN a wicked hill (screaming all the way) then pedaling back UP a hill no group had yet dared attempt.  Legs burning, beer-soaked-bellies cramping, we puffed our way to the top of that bad boy!  Take THAT Bend!  Needless to say, this was the only time the weather wasn’t miserable, since we had our heart rates through the roof with all the pedaling and dancing.  Brilliant way to battle the cold.

Saturday was not productive.  If you want to know why, ask the massive amount of alcohol consumed Friday, between cycle pub and a jaunt downtown afterward with my newly-engaged bestie.  (I have to distinguish between my many besties somehow…)  However, with the temperatures below butt-cheek freezing and flurries of snow floating around, I had to do something.  Winter was not going to get the best of me this year.  I would CONQUER.  So I went shopping.  And what did I come home with?  A snow-crushing, mountain-taming, powder-shredding SNOWBOARD, that’s what!!  It practically screamed “KALISTA!  BUY ME IMMEDIATELY!  IT IS MY DESTINY TO SHRED THE GNAR POW-POW WITH YOU AND ONLY YOU!”  You guessed it: bright purple with a sunshine on the top between the bindings and stars on the bottom.  J will be able to find me no matter which way I’ve crashed landed.

Purple Snowboard with Sun

Can't wait to jump on this bad boy!

So there you have it.  Winter arrived because I went to Bend and bent the seasons all out of whack.  Ever since we got back home, the days have been dreary and cold, and one evening we even got our first snow.  Tonight, the North Cascades Highway closes for the winter.  Washington Pass already has enough snow to ski on.  All because I got angry with the weird Bend weather and challenged old Mother Nature.  Think you can discourage me with all this “snow” and “cold” and “gloom”?  Think again!!  I’m ready for you this year!!  All I have to say to you, Old Man Winter, is BRING.IT.ON.  (Insert game face here.)

Broken Wrist from Snowboarding

Snowboard attempt #1 last winter - no repeat of such shananigans this year! (Cross your fingers for me...)

Oh, and PS: yesterday was my birthday.  And to aide in my quest to conquer and destroy winter, sweet J got me a rockin-awesome pair of snow shoes.  Top of my to-do list: climb Patterson Mountain – in SNOW SHOES!!  Yeah!!  😀




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