The end is NEAR!

18 11 2011

No need to panic, but the world is ending.  Stop laughing!  This is no time to joke!

Ok, jokes welcome.  Better to go out laughing than crying.

So here’s the deal.  Some of you might remember a while back when I posted our Volcano Escape Route back when the big tsunami hit Japan.  These earthquakes in Japan were the Beginning of THE END.  And while none of the volcanoes around Bend have erupted (YET), I have also moved away from Bend and my new mountains don’t pose much of an eruptive threat.

Don’t get me wrong – I’m not abandoning the Escape Route – we have huge, very active volcanoes all over Washington!  I’ll be prepared no matter where in the Northwest I am!  (Besides that, we all know how freakin’ often I’m back in Bend….)

So after Japan, various other natural disasters have happened.  Lets see, an earthquake hit Burma, tornadoes devastated parts of the southern US, volcanoes blasted in Chile, Iceland and East Africa, there was tons of flooding all over the world, the southern US experienced one of the worst droughts in ages and caused massive fires in Oklahoma and Texas – and these are just a few!

Then, ladies and gentleman, driving back from Bend (geez we’re wearing out that highway), I heard startling news on the radio: 5.6-magnitude earthquake hits OKLAHOMA!  Not San Francisco, not Peru, but OKLAHOMA!  Now, there is a fault line running through the state, and they experience light shakes every once in a while, but this was the largest earthquake ever on record!  My parents live about 2 and a half hours from the epicenter and felt the shake.  After being woken up in the middle of the night by a shaking bed, my poor mother started packing the house, ready to move – she wasn’t living in a haunted house!  (Don’t you judge my momma – they live in tornado country, not earthquake country!)

The earthquake in Oklahoma just happened at the beginning of Nov, and I’m not sure I’ve quite recovered from the surprise of this strange event.  Until today.

In the wee hours of this morning, 5am or so, something startled me out of my deep, deep sleep.  I heard snow tumbling from the roof, my computer woke from hibernation and started playing music, and damn it all if my bed wasn’t shaking back and forth!   Not quite the apocalypse, but an earthquake all of our own.

According to the USGS, we only clocked a 4.6 on the Richter, but my house is about 36 miles from the epicenter.  That’s pretty dah-gum close!  The earth is still in turmoil, kids!  I need a new survival plan for Washington!

I didn’t get much more sleep after that.  What a strange feeling!  Everything you know about the stability of your world is dumped around, shaken not stirred, and with no warning.  And only a 4.6 at that!  I hope to never experience anything bigger than this guy.  It scared the bajeebees out of me.  Especially having it wake me up – I thought it was a dream at first – and it only lasted probably 20 to 30 seconds.

I hope you’re taking this seriously – we could only have another month to live!  What if 2011 is IT?!  Say the world really did end 1/1/12 – would you be ready?  Would you be happy with what you’ve done, what you’ve accomplished?  Who you’ve loved, who you’ve helped, who you’ve pushed away?  Geez, the thought is a terrifying one, to be sure.  And I’m pretty happy with my life.

So I need help coming up with our next escape route.  Rocket to the moon?  Build an ark for outer space like on WALL-E?  Ideas, people!




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