10 12 2011

Did the image of Macaulay Culkin with his hands on his cheeks and mouth wide open just pop into your head?  Me, TOO!

If you read any posts over the summer, you should know that I’ve spent considerable time holding down the fort all by my lonesome.  Its just the nature of J’s job – and mine.  His takes him away, mine keeps me nailed to the floor.  Well this time, J ran off to Idaho for two days, not for work, but for “important business.”

Ok, so he’s off giving his final presentation to finish his master’s degree.  The presentation he’s been working on all semester.  The one he has to give in front of a panel of people.  Fine, I guess that’s pretty important.

The fact of the matter is, I think I was as much of a wreck as he was about it.  I kept checking the clock, making sure to text him before he went in and waiting until I was (pretty) sure he was done so I wouldn’t make his phone vibrate in the middle of anything.  How many people were there?  Did the PowerPoint work right?  Did they like the refreshments?! Talk about nerve wracking! The text confirming it was over and went well had me so puffed with pride I could barely scoot up close enough to my desk to keep working.  You’d think it was my accomplishment, not his.

Sorry, I’m way off track.  So J’s off finishing up his second degree and I’m left to my own devices for the evening and all of Saturday.  Work finished, living room aerobics completed, I decide to build a roaring fire in our wood stove.  J does it almost every night.  Piece of cake.  Right?

After torching a good week’s work of newspaper, I was ready to give up.  Then I saw it – one tiny flame burning on the actual log.  The wood was nice and dry but we have big fat zero for kindling.  I was preparing myself to spend the evening in bed under the electric blanket to keep warm when the flame grew.  I gingerly blew on it, added more paper under the log and kept rearranging the other logs.  I may know diddly about starting fires, but by-golly I got one going!  My lonely pathetic night just turned into a delightful evening curled up with my latest book, leftover homemade stew and my raging fire.  Upon finishing the book, I added more logs and turned on a sappy chick-flick that J would hate.  I may not want this all the time, but every once in a while, this kind of night is bliss.  I made some hot chocolate and stayed up late to watch another movie.  Look out, kids, she’s getting CRAZY!  (I’ve passed out cold by 9:30 at the latest every night this week…)

Woodstove in Washington

My ROARING fire!

Saturday was nice, too.  And productive!  I cleaned the house and did four loads of laundry and baked a cake!  I went to the store and got groceries and some random crafts for my homemade Christmas ornaments.   I set up my nativity scene and made a stew for dinner.  And the whole time, I had awesome Christmas music BLARING!  J has now arrived home, the stew is about to come out of the oven, and I have a glass of merlot in my hand.  I have more grand plans for tomorrow, but right now, I plan on having a nice victory dinner with J.

I might be super proud of my man, but he’s got another thing coming if he thinks I’m calling him master….





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