Protest THIS!

19 01 2012

Unless you live under a gigantic bolder, you’ve heard the news: Congress is trying to pass a bill to limit Internet use.  If you haven’t heard about this or haven’t bothered to see what SOPA or PIPA means, shame on you and watch this video.

Ok, now that we’re up to speed, aren’t you PISSED OFF?!  I am.  I mean really angry.  Angry enough to join the movement and blackout my blog Jan 18th in protest.

Here’s the fun part: I really liked it.  I tweeted and I Facebook-ed and I Google Plus-ed.  I posted everywhere I could think of, shared articles and videos, and joined the massive conversation.  It was awesome!

Now I’ve caught the bug.  I like standing up and voicing an opinion.  I like protesting to our government that no, I don’t like what they’re doing and don’t think they should be able to control the internet in any form or fashion.  My blood pressure really rises when I think about what this kind of bill could lead to – and it wouldn’t be an end to piracy.   I got so charged up I wanted to start picketing in the front yard!  (No, I didn’t actually do this.  Not only is there a total of about 6 cars that pass my house a day, but yesterday they would have all been snowplows since it was pretty much white-out blizzarding.  Meh, maybe next time.)

Then I started thinking: there’s all kinds of things I should be protesting!  I protest legitimate animal cruelty, the ridiculous state of our economy, and dessert as an unacceptable breakfast food.  I protest the inability of college graduates to find jobs; removing art, music and physical education from our schools; and our dependence on foreign fuels.  I protest the 40-hour work week, lactose intolerance, and the deforestation of the Amazon rainforest!

Now, I’m not usually real big into politics (don’t yell at me) because I get angry at the lack of common sense.  But I think we all need to get our panties in a wad every once in a while.  It keeps us part of things.  Besides, we do happen to live in a democracy where, believe it or not, we’re allowed to do crazy things like vote and petition and protest – and not get arrested just for saying the government might be wrong!

The other reason I tend to stay out of these things is because of the whiners.  You know these people, the ones that like to sit around and complain about everything under the sun, but then sit on their lazy rumps and DO NOTHING.  I hate these people.  These people need to use some of that energy the spend boo-hoo-ing about everything and get to work!  I am very much a do-er, but then I get really impatient with those who aren’t.  Quit’cher bitchin’ and get movin’!!  Ok, so maybe Gandhi said it better…”We need to be the change we wish to see in the world.”

Speaking of quotes, I’m reminded of another good one.  I don’t know who first said it, and Google had no clear answer, but I know it made a great song by Aaron Tippin in the early ’90’s: “You’ve got to stand for something or you’ll fall for anything.”  Amen!  We are blessed to live in a place where we can have opinions, speak our mind, and participate.  And we’ve come so far from a time when only land-owning white men could vote – why waste that privilege?

I borrowed a few images from that drive the point home.  No body should go through life without fighting for something.  There is some issue out there – hopefully more than one! – that really chaps your hide.  What’s yours?  What are you protesting?  Did you sign a SOPA/PIPA petition?  Have you ever marched, picketed, or occupied?  I want to hear some stories!!!

angry protest sign

kid with protest sign

protest signs




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