Snow-pocolypse 2012

23 01 2012

Winter has finally decided to show us what she’s really made of.  For a week now she has intermittently dumped loads of snow on us.  I believe a “shit-ton” is the technical term.  And I have to admit – I love it.  Really, I do!

It’s beautiful as it falls.  It’s so different from rain.  Rain can come down fast and hard, striking everything with angry little slaps.  When it comes with a nice wind, it’s more like little karate chops – hi-YA!  Not snow.  It just floats down, lying gently down and snuggling in.  When the wind joins in, the snow just dances with it!  Even when it snows hard, it still just floats a little faster and piles a little higher.  We’re really just right in the middle of a giant snow-flake slumber party right now!

Winter Snow Washington State

It's like confetti falling from the sky! SPARKLY!

It has such a haunting quality about it, too.  I go outside, and there is such a serene silence about me.  A deep, lonely silence that makes me take hold of J’s hand, if he’s there.  And it seems to have a secret that it won’t tell me.  I look across the landscape, and suddenly a view I see every single day is vastly changed.  Everything looks the same, blanketed by the snow.  And fuzzy, blurry around the edges like I slept in my contacts again.  During the day, it reflects the light so you can’t make out details, can’t quite decipher the intricacies of the surface.  And it hides all that’s beneath it, making a simple walk a whole new adventure.  Thankfully it provides a nice soft landing after I trip over the surprises hiding beneath it.

McClure Mountain Washington Winter

McClure? Is that really you?

Outings have become a whole new adventure.  Yesterday, we had to take J’s car in to get looked at.  It’s 6 1/2 miles to Twisp from our house.  And this day, it was a very exciting 6 1/2 miles.  The snow had been coming down all day, like this might be its last chance all winter.  We had to dig our cars out from the new accumulation – we just dug out the day before to hit the XC trails.  Our landlord does a pretty nice job of keeping our driveway clear, but the new stuff was piling up so quick.  J did well – he has snow tires.  I did ok – I have all-weather tires.  Once on the main road, my little Mazda turned into Mazda the Mighty Snow Plow!  The actual snow plows hadn’t made it out yet, and I couldn’t always see J’s tracks well enough to stay in them.  It’s not like there’s a whole lot of traffic to clear the roads, either.

Going about 30 mph the whole way, we did alright…until right at the very end. There’s a pretty awesome hill that the Mighty Mazda almost didn’t make it up.  We skidded a bit, spun the tires a bit, and finally reached the top.  Then at the intersection, J’s car died.  No more worky.  We were afraid of this.  He put on the flashers, jumped in with me, and we zipped into the grocery store to let it sit a minute.  We came back to get it maybe 15 or 20 minutes later and there was company waiting for us…blue and red flashing lights.  Oops.

Thankfully, our patrolling policemen were not looking for law-breaking citizens, they were looking for anyone having trouble, getting stuck, or left stranded.  They helped J get the car started again and made sure he made it to the mechanic’s.  Then came the second adventure of making it the 6 1/2 miles back home, with more snow accumulating all the while.  Such excitement for an otherwise ho-hum lazy Sunday!

Icicle drip of water Washington Winter

What a wild adventure this drop is on!

I’m not sure how much we’ve gotten in the last few days – I’d say 5 feet! –  but it always looks to me like way more than what’s actually out there.  I do know one thing – I’m tickled pink.  I’ve been waiting and waiting for this.

When I first moved to Oregon, I kept saying “I have Texas blood in me, I’ll never love the snow, winter, or cold weather.  I just don’t have it in me!”  That is a bold-faced LIE.  Yes, I seem to get cold at much higher temps than J, but I think that’s just because I’m female.  But I’ve figured out my system for layering up, I bought a couple pairs of nice snow boots, and I remember to keep my ears covered.  I discovered snow sports and how to enjoy the outdoors.  So now I love winter!  And I especially love the snow!

sun shining through snowy tree

Remember my big yellow maple? Now she's shiny white!

There is one weird quirk about the snow that seems to affect all of us from Texas.  Any time we see it, we have the sudden urge to flop down in it.  Without fail, all my friends in Oregon that are from Texas, and all those who have come to visit, know exactly what they want to do the first time they get to a nice pile of the fluffy white stuff: make a snow angel.  I am no different.  This is my third winter in the Pacific Northwest, yet the urge still threatens to overtake me every time I look out to see a yard full of fresh powder.  I want to lay in it, slide through it on my belly, roll around like a lunatic, army crawl for hours.  Why is this?!  No idea.  Yeah, I like building forts and snowmen, and having snowball fights.  But I really just want to SNUGGLE with it.  I think this is the snow’s fault; it’s enchanting me with its mystical powers….

Pacific Northwest Winter Icicle

We're snuggling!




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