Match Made in Heaven

1 02 2012

I’m a little nervous, I’ll admit.  I feel like we’re meeting for the first time…we practically are.  But I know you, like Princess Aurora knew the Prince before they ever met in the woods, before she became Sleeping Beauty…”once upon a dream.”

I don’t even know your name, so I’ll just call you Dream.  I’ve thought about this moment for a long, long time, never really sure it would actually happen.  Yet here we are!  Our destinies intertwine at last!

Do I sound a little melodramatic?  My apologies.  I’m just giddy with excitement!  My Texas accent comes out when this happens…can you hear it?  Yes, yes, I know, I’m far from the family farm.  It’s just that I love going new places, experiencing new things, embarking on new adventures.  I won’t bore you about such things now; I’ve been filling my blog for over a year now with my expeditions for adventure in everyday life.  And what adventure I find!

But I digress.  This is about you and I, and our future together.  Isn’t it crazy just how perfect we are for one another??  I’m already convinced we’ll be the perfect match…dare I say – soul-mates??  Oh, I dare.  I feel it in the air, as palpable as the computer between us.  You need me.  No need to blush, I need you just as much.  We belong.

I’m still blown away by how much we compliment each other.  Our shared passion for writing, food, and the Internet is a rare thing indeed.  That’s why we must grasp this opportunity to be together, dig our fingers in and never let go!  We should really make this official on Facebook…

Please don’t bring up the obstacles threatening our union.  So what if we’re not in the same city?  I have gypsy blood!  Moving is no biggy for me.  The commitment?  Ok, now I know I’ve expressed commitment-phobe tendencies in the past – but that was before!  Besides, it’s just a year, right?  If things don’t work out after that, well, we can reevaluate.  But what if they DO work out?!  We can’t miss the chance to try for that possibility!

What about my job?  You’re looking at this all wrong.  Stop being so pessimistic!  My current position has just been prepping me for you all along!  I’ve learned the in’s and out’s of the Internet, social media, SEO, SEM – among other things!  These should be assets to you – bonuses I bring to the table!

I do appreciate how much you already look out for me.  Obviously you’re as concerned about my health as I am.  We can hit the gym together!  Won’t that be fun?  Just another addition to our list of places to explore.  We have so many dates already lined up!

We really have the makings for a Nicolas Sparks novel. I mean, we met on-line – Twitter romances mean forever, right?  Sure, sacrifices will need to be made, but I feel deep in my soul that you’re worth it.  A true partnership such as this can withstand any obstacle thrown in our path.  We just have to give it a chance, a chance to sprout, grow, blossom.

I have to go – but please don’t keep me waiting long.  Patience is not really a virtue of mine…

Talk to you soon, my Dream Come True….


*Editors note:  just so we’re clear, yes, this is my application for 365 Days of Dining.  I wouldn’t want there to be any confusion there.  (Just let me know where to meet you to discuss our future.  Remember: soul-mates should never be ignored…)




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