I Knit You Knot!

6 03 2012

Hahaha, like what I did there??  Knit, knot…no?  Hm.  Well at least I think I’m clever.

I have an obsession with lists.  There, I’ve confessed.  That doesn’t really have to do with anything, except that I got to take my Sharpie and put a nice, thick line through an item on one of my favorite lists: “Things I Want to Learn To Do.”  This list has expanded to hobbies I want to pick up, projects I want to undertake, and things that would benefit either my current career or a future career.  Learn another musical instrument, plant a garden, figure out PhotoShop, take up knitting – HA! NOT ANYMORE!  (That last one is the one I crossed off, if you didn’t pick that up from the title…)

I bought a book, some needles, a couple balls of yarn (technically skeins of yarn, but I prefer balls…giggle with me, now), and a pair of scissors (the book told me to).  The book is fantastic – “Stitch and Bitch” by Debbie Stoller.  Her writing is hilarious; she tells stories of how she, the ultimate feminist, got into knitting – before she ever teaches you a stitch.  She breaks it down so even a monkey (such as myself) can figure it out.  Plus, she gives really great advise, like “be careful gifting your work,” as non-knitters will never appreciate it like you want them to.

She also has a website full of great stuff, lots of other books, free patterns, and a line of super-awesome yarn.  I’m hooked! (Oops, that’s crochet…I’m needled??)

Enough about her, back to me!  The first thing I managed to create was the most beautiful little 4″ x 4″ square you’ve ever seen.  It took me three tries to finish it – I’d get frustrated and unravel the whole thing to start over – but finish I did.  Then I did what any self-respecting craftsman or artist would do: I presented it to my mommy so she could tell me how it was the best piece of knitting she had ever seen and that I was going to be a world-famous (and devastatingly rich) master knitter.  My blue square is now proudly on display in a place of honor in her home so all guests will be sure to see her amazing yarn coaster made by her extremely gifted daughter.  (I really do have the best mother on the planet.) (And the yarn coaster is probably sitting right next to the lopsided clay bowl I made when I was 5.)

So having figured out the basics, it’s time to start a Project – the real deal!  A scarf sounded safe, so I found a pattern, bought more yarn, and off I went!  Things are going well so far, and I’ll be able to prance around in my self-made fashion statement soon! (Soon, as in winter of 2025….) Ok, so I’m really slow.  But I’m getting faster!  And I added the complication of stripes into my first project, so I think I get bonus points despite my snail’s pace.  Also, my sweaty little hands really get in the way and cause the yarn to stick instead of slide through my fingers.  Oh the travesty.

knitting a scarf

Look at me go! (You're right, not really a spectator sport...)

When I think of knitting, I picture a little gray-haired German woman in a rocking chair, smacking her gums and lamenting about the good ole days back before the War.  Come to find out, the craft of knitting has experienced a resurgence amongst the younger crowds and has become “cool” in a sort of hipster way.  Due to this, there are tons of websites full of tips and patterns and lots of shops full of fancy yarns.  And I have joined the movement. I even heard on the local radio station about the Twisp Knitting Circle meeting down at the coffee shop!  You better believe I’m going.  Even if it is old bitties out here, I’m cool with that, I can hang.  I’m down with the geriatrics.  You know they always have the best stories and never fail to hide snacks in their purses.

I’m so excited about all the stuff I’m going to make!  First, of course, is my scarf.  Next, I plan to whip up some cute little fingerless gloves/wrist warmers.  A hat would be nice – I could make matching one’s for J and I!  I know how much he would love that.  You should have seen his face when I told him I was going to make him a whole new wardrobe!  Sweaters and scarves and hats and gloves – oh, the possibilities!  (No, J was not actually excited.  More like fearful…)

showing off knitting scarf

Ta-da! Someday I might actually get this bad boy finished!

Now I’m all excited again and think I’ll go knit for a bit.  I love that you can pick it up for a few minutes or work on it all day it you like.  I made some nice progress yesterday while watching “Under the Tuscan Sun” – I adore the multi-tasking nature of knitting – but I hit a small snag.  Now I need to figure out how I’m going to fix it.  So far, my mistakes are minimal and easy to fix/ignore.  The edges of my scarf are a bit messy where I’ve twisted the two colors together – this is getting better! – and I have one skinny stripe and one fat stripe where I miss counted rows.  But I’m learning perseverance as I go.  This is for me, so who cares.  No one else will probably ever notice (or care).  Besides, these are the things that add character to the piece, right?!

I do need to work on my lingo, though.  My friends might stage an intervention if I don’t stop saying “I did a few lines before bed last night.”  Rows, lines, balls, skeins, whatever!!





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