Not Too Late To Hit* the Slopes!

13 03 2012

*I’ve got to stop taking that phrase so seriously…

This last weekend was one of those weekends where I played so hard, it was a relief to go to work Monday and get some rest.  I am bruised, battered, mega sore, exhausted and worn out.  All signs of a great time!

Early Saturday, we hit the road, south-bound, backseat loaded with gear and bags.  We met our friends at their house in Wenatchee and transferred our gear to their car.  Time to hit the mountain!

I haven’t been in the northwest long enough to know the difference between “winter skiing” and “spring skiing” but apparently there is a difference.  Maybe something to do with the snow?  I turned in my skis last year for a snowboard, and had a very short season due to snapped bones. So you could tell me all sorts of things about the snow, the mountain, the gnarly freshies and deep pow – none of it matters to me; I’m too new to all this.  I know the fresher, fluffier snow doesn’t hurt quite as bad when I slam into it face-first, and that the crustier, icier snow will most likely cause me to wreck more often.  I also find the easiest green slope and won’t see any of the rest of the mountain, so “righteous terrain” means nothing, either.  Phrases that I DO like to hear are “slow lifts” and “gentle slopes”.

Snowboarding at Mission Ridge, WA

The slope might be tame but my board definitely ISN'T!

J had a little mishap a week or so ago and busted the bindings on his skis, so he rented a board and hung with me on the easy side.  Mission Ridge is a cool local spot, not too huge and not crowded – perfect.  Despite J’s claims of not remembering his board lessons from two years ago, he of course caught on super quick and was zooming around like a pro by the second run.

Spring Snow at Mission Ridge WA

This is what you're "supposed" to look like while snowboarding - upright! (J looks pretty hot on that board, doesn't he?!)

J also happens to be one of those irritating people that is incredible at everything they try.  They not only know how to do everything under the sun, they’re also rockstars are EVERYTHING.  So annoying.  I have to continually remind myself that I didn’t grow up with this, I haven’t been doing snow sports my whole life, I need to be patient as I learn.  But I’m not patient.  I want to learn how on Day One and be a super-awesome-mega-pro by Day Two.  This is a huge problem for me.

But despite J’s annoying knack at remembering how to board almost immediately, I had an absolute blasty-blast with him on the slopes.  Due to his adventurous nature, he’s not one to glide gracefully downhill and be done with it.  He pushes the limits and tries new things, so I was not alone in crashing, wrecking, and flipping on the way down. Oddly enough, this made for a great time.  He didn’t have to sit around and wait on my recovery after each face-plant and cartwheel – he did plenty of his own.  We both had snow packed down the back of our jackets (I seemed to also have snow in my pockets, hood, pants and down one sleeve…) and bruises from various moves-gone-wrong.

This day, the playing field was finally leveled a bit.  Justin was there to applaud my triumphs (“I CONNECTED 3 TURNS IN A ROW! DID YOU SEE?? WERE YOU WATCHING?? IT’S COOL, I’LL DO IT AGAIN JUST SO YOU CAN SEE AGAIN!!!”) and even make suggestions (“Get on that edge as soon as you’re facing downhill and you’ll complete the turn.”).  I got to watch as he remembered what he was doing and then tried out new stuff.  ….And I got to witness him fall and tumble.  Stop hating me for embracing his tiny mistakes – I need this to maintain my sanity.  It was more like we were doing something “together” instead of us doing something where J waited as I  struggled to keep up the whole time.

Lift 1 Mission Ridge WA

Look at us having so much fun! (Yes, I'm wearing a helmet. It's been argued that I need one even when NOT doing dangerous sports...)

So despite the fact that as I type this, every movement causes some muscle to scream in reaction, the fun factor made it all worth it.  And I made some improvements!  One step closer to rockstar status!  By the last run, I could cruise off the lift instead of just falling off, I connected turns, and I went home with no broken bones, or injuries serious enough to impair my daily life.  Can I get a HIGH-FIVE?!  (ow.)

Oh, and check this bad boy out:

bruise from snowboard wreck

See the beautiful coloration on the underside of my arm? Biggest bruise I've managed so far. Beats broken bones!




5 responses

13 03 2012
Mary baker

Only a true life long would recognize that shirt! Dr. Pepper!! Oh and nice bruise!!! Lol!

14 03 2012

I was hoping someone would catch that – of course it would be you. 🙂

14 03 2012

Love the last pic of the bruise. Battlewounds! 🙂

14 03 2012

Thanks, it looks even more gnarly in person! And its not the only one…

15 03 2012

totally eh?

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