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1 04 2012

Raise your glasses, dear friends, today we celebrate!  Do we need a reason for a toast?  Heck, no, but today we have one!

We’re celebrating my 1-year anniversary!  No, not with J.  That was a while back.  And you know I avoid blogging about ooey-gooey relationship mumbo-gumbo.  It’s my anniversary with the state of Washington! (One year may not seem like a long time to you, but this was my 6th move in 5 years…)

This time last year, J and I hit a turning point. We’d been dating something like 6 or 7 months…long distance. Yikes. No fun at all. The lease was up on my house and I either had to sign for another year or figure something else out. So my three house-mates and I all figured something else out. I was super sad about this – we had a huge, gorgeous old house in the old part of west-side Bend, close to everything, and I lived with my two best friends and my little sister. This was not an easy decision for me. But I also had the sinking feeling that if I signed a lease to stay another year, that would be the end of J and I. And that just broke my heart. So I packed my meager belongings, stuffed them into the Mazda (with a bit of overflow in J’s car), and moved in with a boy for the first time in my life. This might have been one of the best choices I’ve ever made. 🙂

My stuff fit fairly easily into J’s house, and we adjusted quickly to each other. I’ve added my feminine touch to the house over the last year (the closet, for instance, is much more colorful and sparkly) and pretty much taken over the kitchen as My Domain. Some things were slower to mix, like our books. I had my shelves, he had his. No way would you find Jane Austen next to “Flora of the Pacific Northwest.” Those days are gone! Both being avid readers, our books are constantly rearranged as they’re taken down, flipped through, re-read, and referenced. Now it’s no surprise to find “Eat Pray Love” and “The Help” sandwiching “Range of Glaciers” or the “Handbook of Knots.”

My favorite, though, would be our “gear room.” The fact that we have a whole room dedicated to gear is an amazing thing, in my mind. And now, it’s not just J’s toys gear – I have my own to add to the tangle! Skis and snowboards and climbing rope and backpacks and sleeping bags all tucked into their places. The room is pretty tiny, and we have stuffed it full. (I would just like to point out that most of it is still J’s. Sure, a lot of it he needs for work. But he has more toys than me and that’s not really fair, is it.)

Anyway, ya’ll seem like a great crowd, so I’m taking the chance that none of you are creep-tastic stalker types, and I’m going to give you a little tour of my neck of the woods.  Don’t worry, with a population under 1000 people, this won’t take long…  So sit back, relax and prepare to be jealous as you take a peek at a (very) random sample of photos from the Methow Valley of Washington State!

welcome to Twisp WA

Welcome to Twisp! (On a cold, dreary day...)

tractor crossing, Winthrop WA

This is the middle of nowhere, people. Slow speeds, crossing tractors, and watchful mountains everywhere you go.

Phone Booth at the Post Office, Twisp WA

Just in case we need Superman to save the day, we have a phone booth outside the Post Office. It actually worked until a few years ago when the city realized that the residents knew how to call long distance on it...for free.

Spring Folige, East Side WA

My front porch last May, as Spring was taking over

Picnic under the Maple, Twisp WA

Nice spot for a picnic under the big maple, right next to the orchard

Mt McClure Twisp WA

Mount McClure, whom I have daily stare-downs with. Despite him being within walking distance of my house, I have yet to conquer the peak. SOON....

sunrise over footfills of North Cascades, Methow Valley WA

The sunrise one morning last fall. Tell me that's not ridiculously amazing...

Sunset over orchard and mountains, Twisp WA

The sunset over the snowy orchard and my mountains. Isn't it gorgeous?!

Heather Pass, North Cascades, Washington State

Just a rockin' awesome view from my backyard mountain range. No big deal.




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