Not Your Average Easter

8 04 2012

J and I love doing things out of the norm. Especially J. He’s the ambitious sort that can decide he wants to learn something or attempt something, then has the drive to do it. And probably do it well.  He also embraces the unexpected and likes to see the surprise on people’s faces when he pulls out one of his tricks. Like his flaming nun-chucks.  This imaginative side of him also gives him the best ideas for parties, costumes, etc. We threw one such party yesterday in celebration of Easter.

Living out here in the back forty of the whole world, we don’t have a family get-together to attend like many people. And since we’re home, Easter is as good a reason as any to throw a party! (Are we going to hell for this? Probably…) J was in charge of alcohol and activities, I was in charge of food. (Once again, people are coming over so I have to feed them.)  I started digging for recipes, J went to the store.

easter decorated cupcakes snacks

Feeding my friends...I can't help it

Being Easter, we decided to have all our friends over for a delightful Easter Egg Hunt – adult style. A bunch of different types of beer and baby liquor bottles became “Easter eggs” with J’s creativity and a couple cans of spray paint. Then as I made another run to the store to whip up my culinary creations, J hid our “Easter eggs” all over our yard.

hidden beer easter egg hunt

Can you find the "egg"?!

Unfortunately for many of our friends, this weekend happened to be full of other activities besides our rockin’ awesome party, so not many were able attend. This made the hunt vastly more fun for those of us who were here. I wish I had pictures of the grown men and women (myself included) dashing around my yard, filling theirs arms, pockets, shirts, whatever, with brightly colored cans and bottles. There was a little pushing as the competition heated up when folks realized some beer was a lot better than others. The Deschutes was much more of a score than the PBR or Steel Reserve. Sure, bigger is often better, but who really wants to drink a 40 of Steel Reserve?

I would like to brag just a bit and tell you it was ME who climbed the tree for the neon cans I saw perched high in the branches. The part I can’t brag about is when I couldn’t get up in the tree myself.  My good pal Amber came to my rescue to give me a boost, and I would have gladly shared my loot with her. Sadly, all our hard work was rewarded with a PBR and that 40 of Steel Reserve. Lame! (I didn’t drink either, by the way.)

beer hidden in maple tree

See the loot I had to work so hard to get to?!

By the end, we were all huffing and puffing, and laughing hysterically. We perched around the porch to partake of our spoils and visit. Our friends Amber and Kent ranch here in the valley, and caught us up on the happenings of spring at their place. Our neighbor Alissa has been hard at work getting herself set up to farm. She’s using a Belgian draft horse instead of a tractor for most of the work and going at it from a small-scale, sustainable angle. I was super interested with all she’s got going on and want to go visit her little operation. She is just across the street, after all! And Dave and Justin regaled us all with tales of their winter project: trapping and studying wild wolverines for the Forest Service. I am definitely the least exciting person of the bunch!

painted beer bottles for Easter

A sample of our colorful loot

After a nice game of Bocce Ball, made more interesting by the three dogs trying to play, too, we sat around the table a while longer, eating, drinking, laughing, and talking. We huddled around the microwave as the boys had Peep Wars – two peeps with toothpicks in them, puffing up in the microwave, while we all wait to see which one stabs the other with its toothpick first. Vastly entertaining!

friends for easter egg hunt with beer

Everyone wins this kind of game!

Another wonderful holiday with wonderful people. It’s times like this that remind me how nice it is to have good friends – and how fun to have them over for a visit!

(Who wants to come over and help us drink all the beer we have left?  You’ll get cupcakes, too!)




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