Spring is finally…Screw It, This Aint About Spring

10 04 2012

I had this wonderful post about half way finished, all about how great the weather is, how pretty the green hills are, how thankful l am the snow is gone. You should see my daffodils punching their way through their fall blanket of leaves! Oh the pretty little buttercups and the…!

And the nothing. Lets be real, here people. I can barely brush my teeth in the morning without spazzing out like a crazy person. And that’s the very beginning of the day. By lunch I’m wound tighter than a three year old that just drank a case of Dr Pepper. Monday, I ran four miles – FOUR – just to blow off a little steam. I finally collapsed into bed exhausted. If this weekend doesn’t get here soon, I may not live for the events I’m so wildly excited about.

Whats happening this weekend, you ask, to turn me into a hyperactive toddler high on sugar? Only the greatest reunion of all time.

One of my best friends is getting married this summer, and this weekend just happens to be the bachelorette party. Almost all of my other best friends are gathering from various places all over the country to show Austin, TX, that we STILL KNOW HOW TO PARTY!

I’ve been in a frenzy for about two weeks now. I dug around in the closet, searching for those skanky dresses I know I still own…somewhere. I dusted off my favorite purple wedges and teetered around the house, begging my feet and calves to remember the drill. I’ve confirmed plans time and again with the other gals, texting, calling, emailing back and forth. I know I’m driving J absolutely crazy. But my bags are packed, my hairs did (no, you have to say it all gangsta like – my herrrrrs did)…but it’s only Wednesday. Jesus, I’m never going to make it.

Yeah, yeah, there’s all sorts of neat-o nature stuff going on outside. But you can just look at my posts from last spring – it’s the same thing, all over again! Don’t get me wrong, I hope to never be immune to the miracle of the changing seasons. But one nice thing about nature is its reliability – the seasons will change, year after year. I can delight in the colorful transformation next year (or the one after that). Screw the patient buttercups on the hillside, waiting for someone to notice their beautiful petals – I have WAY more important things to be noticing! Like whether or not my butt cheeks look smoking hot in this tight little dress! And didn’t this bathing suit used to fit a little…differently??

I’ve got to go…I’m going to double-check my bags. It will be absolutely TRAGIC if I get all the way there and not have the right curling iron, or the wrong undies to go under that tight dress, or only one half of my bathing suit!  I’m not taking any chances by checking a bag, with the way the stupid airlines lose luggage, so everything has to fit in my carry-on. Stay tuned for the after-party post….if I manage to survive!


girlfriends out in Austin TX

Back in the day...

Girls taking shots in Austin TX

We could party then, we can party now! (I hope)

red blonde and brunette college party in San Marcos TX

Hugs all around!

TX State graduation party San Marcos TX

College was over, but we never will be

christmas party San Marcos TX

"The road goes on forever, and the party never ends!"

This is just a glimpse of some of the wild times I’ve had with these wild girls over the years. So many memories!  Time to make a few more!!




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