Let’s Get Porky

25 04 2012


I have no idea why, but I decided to attempt some good ole bar-b-que for dinner this week. Cruising around through my favorite recipe sites, I first discovered a recipe for the sauce. Hmm….I don’t really need to make my own sauce, I have several bottles on hand.

But what would be the fun in that?!

Now to find the meat to go with the sauce…. On the same site, I then found a recipe for pulled pork. Its hardly even a recipe. Put the pork butt in the crock pot, season it, turn the crock pot on. Woo! I can do this!

Off to Hank’s grocery for supplies, I’m all set. Then J announces Monday he’s off to Wenatchee for a couple days for a training for work. My dreams of succulent pig have to wait. He was due home tonight, so I crammed the smallest pork loin I could find – all 3.5 pounds of it! – into my teeny little crock pot. Seasoned, knob turned to high, off to work.

Since my office is one room over from the kitchen, delicious aromas were soon wafting down the hallway. My stomach growled every time I inhaled too deeply. It was a long day.

Over my lunch break I made my sauce. Super easy, super tasty, I suggest you try it. You won’t be sorry. Then I suffered through the remaining 4 hours of the day, tortured by the tantalizing teasing of my taste buds.  A little after 5, it was time to pull the pork. Here we go!

I tried to scoop up a section of the hog, but the juicy hunk of meat just fell apart. Oh boy. I nibbled a little sample. Oh my Jesus. J may not get any. I finally scooped all the meat out onto my cutting board and pulled it all apart with a pair of forks. Tender and juicy, this was clearly about to be the best thing I’d ever eaten.

Once I had it all pulled and tugged, back into the crock pot it went, along with a good amount of sauce. I whipped up some homemade fries about the time J blew in the back door. We were having a fantastic thunder storm that really set a great mood, and J brought wine. Wonderful man, that one.

In no time, we were piling our buns with heaps of juicy pork, drizzled in my sauce, with awesome fries on the side. I have to admit, it felt a little strange with no pickles and sweet tea, but I let it pass. That was hands down the best pulled pork I have ever eaten. That sauce really packs a punch when you least expect it! I stuffed my face; now I’m the porky one.

pulled pork with fries for dinner

Get in my BELLY! (Don't you wish you had some?!)

Someone should have come over for dinner. I cooked enough meat to feed a small third-world country. At least I’m going to have the most amazing left-overs EVER! (Which is good, since they’ll last a month or so…)

And, rules of the house, when we eat bar-b-que you have full license to pull out the thickest southern accent you can muster.

Yall have a great night, now, ya hear?!





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