Kid Sister and Me

8 05 2012

Anyone remember the doll? She was pals with My Buddy??

Kid Sister Doll

Dolls still creep me out

Don’t worry, this post has nothing to do with this weird-o doll and everything to do with my real-life kid-sister. Who, by the way, is so much more gorgeous than this dumb doll.  (And me, if we’re being honest.)

pretty sister Falls Creek Okanogan Forest

The Pretty Sister – excited to be in Washington!

Do you have a kid-sister? Well, even if you do, yours can’t be half as cool as mine. And no I’m not sharing, you can’t have her. Last Thursday, my sister packed her car, bought an atlas, and drove the 450 miles or so to come visit. Her first solo road trip!! (She’s only 21…) And what a road trip – it took her almost 9 hours to get here. But get here she did! And oh the adventures we had….

We cooked a lovely dinner Thursday night and sat down like a little family – salmon, black bean and corn salad, and of course, some red wine. Just like old times, when we were roomies in Bend.

Friday was just another day of work for me. Until about 8:30, when my Internet when down and wouldn’t come back. I tried to resuscitate my router, my modem, my computer – nothing! I started to panic a bit….I don’t have the PTO to miss a day! We threw ourselves together and jumped in the car, headed for Twisp. The bakery has wifi and we set up shop. After chatting with some other locals, we discovered the fiber optic cables for the main internet provider for the whole valley had been hit during some routine road maintenance. Wooo! Whoa, wait. Not good. The bakery uses a different provider, so we sat there….all day. We had breakfast, lunch, and several beverages. Thankfully I also got a good chunk of work done. And thankfully I have an understanding sister who cruised the Internet, hour after hour, until the bakery started closing and we were forced to leave. However, this meant I was off work for the rest of the afternoon!  Sure, I’d have to make up my lost hours on the weekend, but now we could go play!!

We jumped in the car and zoomed up to Winthrop for some shopping. I’ve lived here for a whole year and haven’t been in most of the little shops. Its not so fun to go by myself, and J would rather backpack clear across the Pasayten Wilderness and back barefoot than willingly join me. But now I had my best playmate to shop and explore and giggle with. We roamed the little clothing boutiques, knick-knack shops and tourist traps. It’s still the in-between season, and we pretty much had the town to ourselves. I bought a fun new hat for summer and matching leather bracelets for us both. They each have a pretty flower on top with a bright colored band. Of course we sported them all weekend together.

As the town started closing down around 6, we headed back to Twisp for our hot date with J at Antlers. It’s one of the old, original buildings in the valley, back from the rough days of mining and logging, and my sister was stoked to see the bullet holes in the wall from a long-ago gun fight. Burgers and beers later, we drifted back home, sleepy and satisfied. We sat up for a while yakking, then passed out peacefully.

Saturday morning, we were up and rearing to go. I made us a tasty breakfast before we parted ways with J to go explore the valley. I had so much more to show her! We hit up the Farmer’s Market for cheese samples and pastries then headed out into the woods for some hiking.

Let me just fill you in on a little back-story here: my sister is not exactly out-doorsy. Well, she wasn’t…until I forced it upon her. Nature, I mean. When she moved up to Oregon with me, I dragged her up mountains, through forests, down rivers, across deserts – you name it. Sometimes in snow, sometimes in blasting heat. And she was such a TROOPER!! No matter what awesome crap I put her through, she was always up for more. And now I think she secretly enjoys it, though I don’t know that she’ll admit that.

boulders in Okanogan Forest Winthrop WA

This is her showing her love of nature…

So when she drove her cute buns all the way up here, all by herself, what did I do? I dragged her up one of my mountains, through a forest, and up, over, around and through all sorts of trees, rocks, trails and cliffs. Oh, and by the way, she’s afraid of heights. Doesn’t stop her – not once. She went rock climbing with me at Smith Rock, for Pete’s sake! ROCK CLIMBING! And Saturday she stood on the edge of a high ledge to look down a gorgeous waterfall we found. Tell me that isn’t rock star.

Falls Creek Okanogan Forest WA

She’s standing on a cliff, with a brutal drop-off, to take this picture!

mountain top, Okanogan Forest WA

Supermodel on the mountain!

We took tons of silly pictures, hugging trees, posing on rocks, and having a ridiculously grand time. That’s one of my favorite things about hanging with my sister – we can be silly, we can be goofy, we can have deep conversation in the middle of a fantastically beautiful forest.

posing on log Okanogan Forest WA

Working on my hot modeling career….

pushing tree pose Okanogan Forest WA

Don’t let it crush you!!

Here’s a great example, as I struggled to get myself over a fallen log, almost face-planting in some rocks in the process:

Me: Why the hell do I have to be short? Why did YOU get all the long legs??

Her: You have to be short. The world would be a much less funny place if you were tall.

See?? That’s the other good part of being with my sis – she’s straight up honest. Not everyone will give you the blunt truth. I miss that. I miss her.

After our jaunt around the woods, we dropped by a volleyball party then zipped on home. We cleaned up – and I mean cleaned up. It was Cinco de Mayo, after all! My sister was stoked to hit up all the exciting nightlife of my little valley – “Let’s go bar hopping!!”

sisters for cinco de mayo winthrop wa

Terrible quality from my phone, but we looked GOOD.

We were dressed to the nines (which in the Methow means we did our hair and added a little make-up…) and hit the town. The brewery in town had some live music playing and has yummy beer and food, in that order. So that was our first stop. Then I showed her how to do the Winthrop Bar Hop and we crossed the street to the saloon for a shot of tequila. That was it!! We bar-hopped!! I don’t think she expected that to literally be just one hop….

Once home, my live-in bartender made us a drink as we played our traditional game of Farkle. We Farkled all over her futon until we could barely keep our eyes open and went to bed.

Then she packed up Sunday morning and left me. I spent the day in my garden, lonely without her. If you don’t have a kid sister, you won’t get it. Or yours just isn’t as cool as mine.

Her name is Breanna, but she’s gone by Brea forever. And that’s pronounced like BREE the cheese, not like the “Bray-uh” tar pits in California. I, however, nicknamed her Breazy. She’s my Breaze of fresh air and family and I hope she knows how much it meant to me that she came to visit. (Of course I don’t just tell her that. I don’t do the mushy talks well.)

So, there you have it. Can’t wait for our next adventure!




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