Puppy Love

16 06 2012

Eight days all by my lonesome and I was seeking company in anything I could find – Spartacus my Beta, Babs my bamboo, Larry the spiders, and my baby plants coming up in the garden. I wasn’t lonely, I wasn’t bored – I enjoyed the me time, the quiet, the introspect. Then I enjoyed some rockin awesome girl time with my new Washington gal pals. First was Wednesday Wine night, then my friend’s bachelorette party over the weekend. Holy Moses we had a great time!

I’ve never had a problem doing things on my own. I’m super social and love being with people, but I can totally hang with just me, too. However, these are the kind of times when I really feel the hole, the gap in my little my family. That’s right – I need a dog. Don’t get me wrong, I love Spartacus, and he loves being an only child, but there’s only so much you can do with a fish.

Unfortunately, my landlords aren’t keen on my acquisition of a canine. (Long story that I’d rather not get into…) Sad news. Thankfully, most of my friends have dogs for me to play with whenever I want. Then Monday, we filled up two empty spots of my little heart – we hit the road for Bend.

After my week alone, I now get a week with my fabulous friends, crazy coworkers and sassy sister. I get to go into the office every day and have coffee dates and lunch dates and after-work-drink dates. It’s actually a bit overwhelming to suddenly be surrounded by so much activity.

The best part: my bestie is letting us stay at her house – they aren’t even here! Her and her fiance are in L.A. visiting family, so she just gave us her keys, her car and her guest bedroom. And as an added bonus: she left my niece for me to hang out with!  Ok, so part of the deal is actually that I’m babysitting. But you don’t understand, my niece is the coolest, cutest, cuddliest sweetheart on the planet. Her name is Osa, and she’s a 120-pound Saint Bernard.

Saint Bernard by Deschutes River Bend OR

Enjoying the sunshine out on a walk

I love her like my own. Sure, she might be a touch high-maintenance. Being pure-bred, she has a few health problems. Her pill schedule is impressive. She has special food, special powder for her food, special pills for her digestion, special pills for her thyroid – I’m telling you, impressive. But she takes it like a champ. And you just can’t resist that face! (Especially when she pulls her favorite move and shoves her entire head between your legs…)

Saint Bernard best friend love

Spooning with Osa on the floor – she was in absolute doggy heaven

She’s a crazy good buddy for walks through the gorgeous Oregon outdoors. I even convinced her yesterday to take a jog with me through Shevlin Park! I promised her a little dip in the creek and she relished it completely, slurping and snorting her way through the shallow water. After soaking me with a nice shake as though I went swimming with her, we continued on. I swear she loves the beautiful high desert forest as much as I do.

hiking with Saint Bernard Benham Falls Bend OR

Took a nice hike down to an amazing waterfall on the Deschutes River – she loved it!

I know some people aren’t “dog people,” which I can respect. But I still think these kind of people are loony-bins and I wouldn’t trust ’em! Dogs bring so much joy to life; they give all their love, loyalty and devotion to their People. They gladly give you as much slobber, fur and piles of poo as you could possibly want! (Saint Bernards are extremely generous in the poo department…) But despite that, Osa is 100% part of the family and I miss her like I miss any of my other friends. (In fact, I miss her quite a bit more than some of my other friends…) We’ve been through a lot together, and she’s not even my dog!

lava flow in Descutes National Forest with Saint Bernard on train tracks

Action shot of me attempting to get her to pose with me…it didn’t work well. “Sit!”

But holy cow does she make me want one all my own. Osa needs a cousin! Guess I’m just going to have to move….




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