Move Over, Katniss

6 07 2012

Ah, Independence Day. A day to celebrate our great nation and the many freedoms we the people enjoy.  A few of my favorite freedoms to enjoy are the freedom to eat copious amounts of meat straight off the grill, to drink any and all alcohol in sight no matter the time of day, and to wear as many pieces of red, white and blue clothing and accessories as I can manage without falling over.  This Fourth, we really did our country proud.

However, we also did our District proud. Confused? Took a vacation under a rock for the last year? Live in a tiny, remote corner of Washington state? Well, you’re missing out.  I don’t have time to explain it – read for yourself! I’m not a freak-out fan, but it was a good book and a well-done movie. I couldn’t let them down.  Here’s how it went:

A couple people decided to throw a huge bash for the Fourth, and to celebrate their freedom to celebrate any way they chose, they made it a theme party. But this was no uncle-sam-loving, red-white-and-blue-cupcake-eating, watermelon-seed-spitting-contest kind of party. Oh no. This was a Hunger Games-themed party.

Dress the part and bring some booze – all welcome! They even celebrated the Second Amendment proudly and allowed – encouraged even! – weapons of all kinds. Man oh man, this was one party we just coudn’t miss!!

So, after stuffing our faces in fine fashion at a little afternoon bar-be-que, it was time to prepare. Out came the costume boxes, the props and the Google searches – what the heck did those people wear??  (We saw the movie, but the wardrobe choices weren’t exactly what stuck with me…)

Everything really turned out great. We both came up with good outfits, Justin armed us, and off we went to make some new friends.  I was so impressed with the people at this party!! Almost everyone dressed as citizens of the Capitol – and looked fantastic! Color everywhere! And the hosts did an amazing job decorating their yard with lights strung around, seating, tables of drinks and snacks – very well done. Then, of course, was the dance floor, complete with live DJ! Best party I’ve been to since living here!

I hate to admit that I did not win the costume contest. I did, however, get to do a live demonstration of my working bow and arrow. Everyone asked where I found such awesome props and I just pointed to J and said, “He just made them. About 15 minutes before the party.” I got legit street cred for that. My arrow had an obsidian point J had made, real feathers on the end, and was tied together with sinew! I’m telling you: LEGIT.

Katniss costume Hunger Games party

Katniss costume, ready to party!

I’m really bummed I don’t have pictures from the party to show you some of the other costumes. I was not the only Katniss, though I might just have to say my outfit was a teeny bit, well, better. No one else had a hand-made bow and arrow, that’s for sure! Unfortunately, I was also out-done in the weapon department by none other than Justin himself. But his flaming nun-chucks are hard to compete with, especially when he starts spinning them around…

The best part of all: I walked away with a handful of new friends. That’s even more exciting than a wonderfully executed last-minute costume.

Oh, and Jennifer Lawrence? Better watch out, girl. Once this picture gets out, they just might want me to do the next movie instead of you. Just saying…





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9 07 2012

FYI…tomorrow you are being nominated for a shitload of blogging awards by moi! Check out my blog,, anytime after 6:30 a.m. E.S.T. tomorrow for all the details.Congrats!

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