Don’t Worry, I Got This!

19 08 2012

We’re all friends here, right? You and me, we’re pals. So I have to tell you something – this summer has SUCKED.

Well, ok, so there were a couple really awesome things scattered here and there, but here’s the thing: I have barely seen J at all!

Don’t call me names. “Pathetic”, “cry-baby” and “whine-bag” are hurtful. Take it back. I know, I know, I actually already wrote a post all about me missing him, so there really is no need WHATSOEVER for another one. It’s cool, beating a dead horse, I get it.

No, I really do get it. That’s why this post is not about me being a big sap, boo-hooing about how I don’t get to see my dude enough. However, before we move on to the real topic at hand, I would just like to point out that in the last 4 weeks, we’ll have spent a total of FOUR days together, just us. Ridiculous. It’s all these weddings and work trips and criss-crossed schedules… Plus, this “business trip” he’s on is an eight-day back-packing trip across the Pasayten Wilderness. That means not only do I not see him, we can’t so much as text. BUMMER.

Instead of reminiscing about fun we had before things got crazy, or boring you with how great we are together, or crying over the fact that this weekend was Brewfest in Bend, which is where we met TWO YEARS ago, and we aren’t even together much less there, I’m going to talk about me. That’s right, not about him, not about us, but about me. And how awesome I am.

Actually, I just need an ego boost. I’ve been home for three full days, in our house all alone, with a bit too much “me-time”. So instead of focusing on the quiet stillness of the house, I’m going to focus on the fact that I can totally handle myself, on my own, out here in the wilds of northern Washington – and not succumb to insanity, be eaten by wild beasts, or die of sheer boredom. (All of which are totally possible.)

I mean, c’mon, this place ain’t for sissies. I feel quite proud of myself that the house has not fallen down or gone straight to the dogs while J isn’t here to help out. I’m going to share a list of my recent accomplishments … mostly so I can distract myself from what could happen, if I’m not careful….

(WARNING: graphic images ahead. Read at your own risk. Not recommended for anyone squimish or with a serious heart condition.)

1) Spiders. This accomplishment has two parts. Part A: I can squash Larry when I need to, on my own. (Yes, I named all spiders in the house Larry. It makes it easier to converse with them.) I don’t kill all spiders, especially the ones that just chill on the ceiling and never move. And are small. Once they get too big, drop down from the ceiling, or look too creepy, they get the flip-flop. Sometimes it might be a thrown flip-flop from across the room, but I can deal with them. Part B: I can handle the Larries that stay outside without flipping my lid. I don’t just mean all spiders outside, I mean the ones in my windows. Apparently, a window pane is prime real estate in the arachnid world, ’cause that’s where the biggest, creepiest, freak-me-out-the-most spiders seem to be taking up residence these days. Normally, when I notice one, I freak out for about 10 seconds, then close the curtains and pretend he isn’t there. This has become more difficult with the fellow that moved into the window right above my bed. He’s huge. I believe he’s an orb spider, and he has a pretty cool web, but his bulbous butt and spiky legs give me serious heebee-jeebees. And he’s right above where I lay me down to sleep. So today, I took a little picture of him with my phone, we had a nice chat, and I asked him to please never come in the house, especially to eat me while I sleep. I think we’re friends now.

orb spider in the window Twisp WA

2) Mice. We didn’t have to deal with mice in the house last summer, so I don’t know why they think they can come in the house this summer. In the winter, yes, we have a few try to sneak in. We have the traps all ready in the fall, and usually we catch a few and that’s the end of it. Well, today, I walked into my office to get something and noticed my sticky-goo spider-catching tray thingy was not on the floor where it usually is. So I started to look for it. It was about a foot and a half way….with a mouse stuck in it. I threw up in my mouth a little bit, then wondered what the hell I was supposed to do with it now. I texted my brother to see if he would get it, but his response was “Looks like it’s already been got.” Rude. But then he’s in Texas, so I guess he really wouldn’t do me much good. So I picked up the tray thingy full of spider, insect and now mouse carcasses, put it in the trash, and took the trash out. Hm, now that really wasn’t that hard…

dead mouse Twisp WA

3) Laundry. Loads and loads of it! (Hahahaha! Get it?!?) But out here, I have this lovely clothes line. Oh, sure, the dryer works just fine, but we’re in the country now, and I’m pretty sure that means hanging laundry doubles as lawn decorations and is a status symbol among the neighbors. So I do my best, saving energy AND keeping up with the Jones’s….and look how nice the yard looks!

clothes on the line Twisp WA

4) Gardening. If you’ve read my posts about my garden, you’ll know how much fun I was having with my little plant babies. Then I left for two weeks. When I came home, I no longer had a garden, I had a jungle. A blooming, fruit-bearing jungle. SO AWESOME. Massive squash plants, corn that’s taller than me, cucumbers that have crawled up and over the beans, strawberry runners shooting out in all directions. Then, one week later, I left again for another five days. So now, I’m harvesting like nobody’s business. And not just that, I’m tackling all this food like I know what I’m doing!! I have not gone to the grocery store since I’ve been back!!  I’m eating all this bounty! Squash, zucchini, beans, strawberries, peppers, kale, onions and tomatoes! Plus the herbs! I’ve cooked meals, baked zucchini bread, frozen strawberries and peas, snapped beans, and dehydrated a ton of stuff. I’m a gardening FOOL! Plus, I’ve attacked weeds with a vengeance, watered and watered and watered, and sang to my poor plants, who all thought I abandoned them, I’m sure. Now I have green stained fingernails, roughed up fingers, and red-stained lips (I can’t stay out of the strawberries…), just like I ought to.


5) Hiking. I have not had time to go on a nice hike since that weekend J and I found the lupines and almost got rich on gold. That was AGES ago! So despite the heat, despite the length of my to-do list, and despite the lack of my hiking partner, I set out this afternoon for the woods. Me-time is fine and dandy normally, but me-time in the woods, climbing a mountain, is WAY better. I headed to a trail I climbed when my sister was visiting, but went a lot father than before. (By a lot, I maybe went a mile and a half…) The waterfalls are beautiful and a lot of the trail is shaded, but I didn’t bring enough water to go farther. Regardless, it felt amazing. And hiking makes me feel closer to J, even when he’s not there, since I know he’s out doing the same thing. 🙂

Falls Creek Okanogan Forest WA

6) Cleaning. I have done tons of cleaning, just in the last few days. I have the perfect playlist on Sp0tify that really gets my blood going and sets a great pace. I did dishes, scrubbed counters, folded laundry, rearranged the closet, swept floors, attacked the whole bathroom, and put away my wide assortment of suitcases. It felt great. I have a bunch left, but the house is looking fantastic.

So you see? I’m a pro at this on-my-own nonsense. And in the country! I totally have this country thing down. Besides, so many chores and activities are keeping me busy…so I don’t think about the fact that J doesn’t get home until Wednesday. And Wednesday night, we’re packing the car to leave AGAIN. Good thing this trip is for another weekend crammed with good friends, and sure to be good times. And after that, we should be home – both of us – for quite some time. I can’t wait! Because we all know what this is really about. I can be on my own, but I don’t wanna be…





One response

22 08 2012

Well, I’m completely impressed. Especially by that goo powerful enough to trap a little mousie-wousie. My mother has a phobia about spiders. I don’t mind a few of them. Crab spiders, for example, are completely harmless and will spin a web on your hand if you’ll just sit still long enough. That’s kind of cool. But they look more like crabs than spiders and their legs are tiny and black – no hair to be seen. That one you photographed looks like it’s laying an egg sack. I would do away with it as I’m sure it is plotting your death. The only reason you’re still alive now is that it’s waiting for its babies to hatch so that they can feed on you. Be careful and keep blogging so that we know you’re okay.

P.S. I’m in the middle of a blog overhaul – new name, new look – and I’ve created a fave blog roll page that your blog will be on. You can expect…well, probably nothing at all to happen as a result.

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