Empty and Full – At The Same Time!

27 10 2012

Has anyone else ever seen Eddie Murphy’s stand-up where he’s impersonating Mike Tyson? And he does the soup commercial?! Dude, watch it – and tell me you didn’t laugh hysterically. (Or if you do tell me, we can’t be friends anymore. ‘Cause you have no sense of humor.)

Here, I’ll even give you the video so you can join the cool club and we can stay friends. A word of warning – Mr Murphy is crass and vulgar and cusses like a sailor, so if that’s not your thing, just don’t click play. (And we can’t be friends.)

My brother showed me this quite a while back and it has been a bonding joke ever since. Every time I hear anything about soup, I automatically hear “I like soup” in Eddie’s voice, in my head. And I laugh. This can be embarrassing in the middle of a restaurant. And there is no chance of me ever handling Campbell’s chunky soup ever again without thinking (or saying) “it’s liquid and chunky at the same time – I still aint figured that shit out!”

Now, in the voice of Eddie Murphy, I’m saying “I’m empty and full at the same time” but this one I do sort of have figured out.

Our house is bare. Empty. Cleaned out. Stark. About 7:50 this morning, the knock on the door signaled the arrival of the movers. I was in my jammies, looking like a half asleep dead hawt mess as they started chatting with Justin. Soon the semi arrived and the whirlwind began. They all went outside to help the semi back in and I threw on the first pair of jeans I could find and scraped my mop of hair into something resembling a pony tail. They said they would be here between 8 and 10! That means they should have pulled in closer to TEN than EIGHT. IT’S SO EARLY – (*blarg*rage*THEY BETTER NOT PACK THE COFFEE POT FIRST*angry face*blarg!)

I scrambled around in an un-caffeinated stupor trying to get the last few things done that I had put off last night. Why had I thought it would be a good idea to just go to bed?! Too late to think about that now!

moving truck

My phone’s camera hadn’t had any coffee yet either. IT’S 8AM AND THEY’RE BACKING A SEMI INTO MY DRIVEWAY.

Justin gave the gentlemen a tour of the house with explanations of what was staying and what was going. I set up my computer so I could get to work and Justin built a safe-zone fort around me – our kitchen table stays with the house, so it was the middle of the fort. The stuff we packed to go with us instead of into storage then became fort walls. They wouldn’t touch anything in the safe-zone, and I was on guard to make sure no one riffled through my undies. (I have no idea why, but this was my biggest concern with the whole someone-else-is-packing-my-crap situation…DON’T LOOK AT MY UNDER-DRAWERS!)

Thankfully, all three dudes were super cool. And super efficient. They had the majority of the little stuff boxed and headed out to the truck by noon. Then they started working on the more difficult items, wrapping our 3453 pairs of skis, snowboards, poles, fishing rods, and fire staffs gently in their own little blankeys. Now I can go to Peru with the confidence that my snowboard is safe from dings, scratches and monsters under the bed. They packed everything down to the shower curtain and trashcans…dang it, we should have mentioned leaving those….

Working hours are usually long and dull for me. I sit at my little desk staring out at Mt McClure, with only Babs the Bamboo for company. I jam out to my music, but my internet has decided it doesn’t like Spotify anymore and I pout every time I’m forced to revert back to Pandora. What do you mean I’ve skipped too many songs?! I DON’T WANT TO LISTEN TO NICKELBACK!! Then I turn it off and sulk in silence. I break up the day with periodic forages to the kitchen (no wonder my chair seems to sink lower these days when I sit back down…) and the only conversation I get is if I have to call a client or the Jahovah Witnesses stop for a chat.

Today was the exact opposite of a normal day. First off, I had Justin sharing the safe-zone fort with me for most of the morning. Yay! Spartacus also got to sit at the fort-table and swam laps excitedly every time I talked or laughed. Then there were the three strange men parading in and out of my house. Since I don’t run a brothel or pimp myself out for extra spending cash, this is highly unusual. But kinda fun. They were nice guys, all respectful and professional, and much more worried about getting their job done than about the nerdy mess in glasses at the table talking to her pet fish like a crazy person.

So the move has finally become very, very real. I wrote all of the above yesterday as everything I own was boxed, labeled, inventoried and loaded. An exciting process, and impressive to watch. I didn’t get to finish my post because J’s office was throwing a going-away get-together down at the Pub, and this lady had to throw herself together. I felt sad and a little lonely as I stood in the middle of my empty house. Why on earth do we feel connected to our junk? Maybe I was actually just missing my bed, knowing I would be camping on my hardwood floor for two nights with just a sleeping bag…

After gazing around the empty house, I turned to the windows to take it all in – the bright yellow maple in the front yard, the gnarled apple trees in the orchard, Mt McClure majestically watching over all of us. We haven’t even left this place and I already miss it. I feel a little hole in my heart at leaving this amazing valley. I feel such a hole that I’ve written about it several times now and yall are probably glad the move is finally happening so I’ll shut the hell up already! And I will – soon, everything will be about our new house and our new town – but this is just to emphasize the “empty”. Moving is making me feel empty.

Then we showed up to the Pub. Two huge tables of people had gathered to send us off. Many of these people stood up to regale us of tales of working with Justin, and how much he was really going to be missed. (Ok, ok, he’s Mr. Perfect, wonderful in every single way, we get it. Where’s the food?) Cards and even a few gifts stacked up at our end of the table and I beamed with pride at my man. Then I glowed with embarrassment and kept on smiling as the district ranger – J’s biggest boss locally – called me J’s wife like 6 times. But whatev.

Before long, I came to realize this was not all for J alone. Sure, these were his co-workers, and many had started out as his friends, but now they’re my friends, too. My bestie even got me a present! And as we doubled over laughing time and again, and as we told stories on each other, and as we made plans for all the things we’re going to do together soon, I felt full. I was brimming over with the love of friendship for these great people who have become our Methow family. We closed down the Pub and moved our rowdy party to the B.I. (the sign outside says “Branding Iron” but us locals know it as the “Bad Idea”…) for another memory-making hour before I lugged Mr. Perfect home.

See? Empty and full at the same time. Sad to go, glad to have such people to make it hard. I much prefer that to having lived in a place you can’t wait to get out of, with people you can’t wait to get away from.

I’m going to miss all you crazies – visit ASAP!





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