New Introductions

13 12 2012

Ah, moving. One of my favorite things. So much new!!

We’ve been home from Peru for exactly two weeks and two days now. That also means we’ve been in our new house for two weeks exactly. Exciting, yeah?

I’m proud to announce that due to J’s tireless determination and incredible ability to stay up past 10pm (unlike his fabulous roomie who really loves her beauty sleep), our house is almost completely unpacked. Not really put together or decorated, but the junk is out of the boxes and lying around waiting for us to find a place to set it so it can collect dust as it pleases. Last night, we took another giant step and picked up our wonderful new kitchen table I found on Craigslist. It’s in great shape, sturdy, and allows me to enjoy my meals from somewhere besides the floor.

The really important thing, however, is taking longer. Have you ever moved into a new house? Then you know what I mean.


Meeting new people can be tough. I’m pretty outgoing, but crowds of strangers is super intimidating. My humungous house is the same way!! I’m taking it slow, moving from one room to the next, personally saying hello.

It’s been good so far. The stove and I are quickly becoming fast friends. The burners are level and heat up so fast! The oven, like my big bro, has an odd odor to it, but cooks well. The stairs and I are working through our issues…a mediator might be needed to help us and catch me every time I start to fall.

So room by room, I’m becoming acquainted. I discovered a door in my closet that I believe leads to a secret tunnel down to the basement and out to some awesome secret location that’s most likely full of peanut butter cookies and rainbows. Or to a creepy crawlspace. I’m choosing to be friends with the door…closed. Spartacus is all buddy buddy with the dish drain I found under the sink, and the plants are happy as clams under the huge living room window. Only Babs the Bamboo seems to be taking a while to adjust.

There is one part of my lovely new house that I haven’t fully become acquainted with: the Ghost. No need to be surprised, of course he’s real. Our house is from the ’40s, at least. Tons of Rangers and their families have lived here over the years. And we have a full basement! Geriatric house + creepy crawl spaces + full basement = breeding grounds for the super natural.

J usually doesn’t believe my rants that venture into other realms, but he’s a believer in our “3rd roomie”.  The first week in the house, I kept closing the bathroom window. I’m talking several times a day. I though maybe J was having lingering stomach issues from Peru, and there’s no fan, until he asked me why I kept opening the window. What?! I told him I kept closing the window and we both giggled nervously as the goosebumps covered our skin.

I locked the window and haven’t had it open again. But we all know that means jack. The basement door closes on its own, the smoke detector in our bedroom goes off every time we turn the light on, and last night something crashed downstairs while we were getting ready for bed!! Still, I like to think we have a friendly ghost, not one out to get us. Just don’t think I’ll be watching any more of the Paranormal movies while living here.

Other than that, we’re settling in nicely and anxiously awaiting someone to come visit. Who’s first?!





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