In with the new, Out with the old

1 01 2013

Well, dear friends, we have survived another year. Some of us may not feel so good about it this morning, but you and I have lived to see the dawning of 2013. Cheers to us! (Please stop yelling.)

For what it’s worth, I have to say this year is looking pretty good. It’s currently 11am in my part of the globe, I’m propped up on a pile of purple pillows, my coffee level is just low enough in the cup that the froggy at the bottom can be seen smiling up at me, and as soon as I get off my laptop and wiggle into my snow pants, I’ll be off to explore the cross-country ski trails at the base of Mt. Adams. No work, no worries, no obligations for an entire Tuesday. I’d say… so far so good!

In the spirit of the last week or so of no posts due to some stress-induced writer’s block, I’ve decided to give yall a reflective New Year’s post rather than wait to post about my ski misadventures. I typically prefer to regale my audience with the ridiculous tales of things that happen only to me in this wild ride we call life. To those currently unaware, I reside in my own universe the majority of the time, and there, this is my wildly famous and extremely popular adventure blog which the human race just can’t get enough of.

So, now that we all know the extent of my delusions, let’s look back over the last 12 months. That’s quite a long time, if you ask me, so this post won’t be too lengthy as I won’t be able to remember much spanning that vast expanse of time.

Ready, set, go:

  • I started my first knitting project – new hobby!
  • I successfully snowboarded on 2 or 3 different occassions without breaking any bones (I told you my memory was bad)
  • I planted my very first garden and reaped the glorious benefits of growing my own food
  • I witnessed the nuptials of 3 amazing couples, 2 with the honor of bridesmaid
  • I also survived 3 bachelorette parties (but just barely)
  • My blog turned 2, I turned 28, J and I celebrated 2 years, and my employer and I celebrated 3 years (though my CEO can’t remember if I still work for him)
  • I completed my first 3-day back-packing trip, pushing my limits and almost throwing myself off a mountain
  • I said a sad farewell to my apple orchard and moved south to the Columbia Gorge
  • The world was supposed to end (again) and we survived anyway
  • Best of all: J and I spent 4 whole weeks exploring the southern half of Peru and I discovered that I would, in fact, like to quit my job and travel constantly (interested sponsors/sugar-daddy’s please email me immediately)

Whew! I’ve been so busy! And I can’t even remember all the other things that surely must have happened! I suppose we could just go back through past posts and see, but none of us actually care enough for that kind of effort, now do we. Perfect, moving on –

Time for another year! Planning things out in advance is not my strong point; I’m better and deciding I want to do something and doing it right then. And I don’t like the idea of New Year’s Resolutions…so cliche. I’m not the type to commit myself to things I plan to change, habits I plan to break, pounds I plan to lose. But for the sake of being an adult (and to have something else to write about), I’m going to set some goals for 2013. We all need something to strive for, right? Then, next New Year’s Day, I can just let you know if I completed them or was an utter failure. What fun!

Here’s some goals off the top of my head:

  • Complete the knitting project started last year, and maybe start a second one
  • Learn to successfully connect my turns on my snowboard (I might have to hit the mountain more than 3 times this year)
  • Either plant a new garden or join the CSA (I might not be able to plant here) and learn to can
  • Continue to blog for another year, see the last birthday of my 20s, and keep J around for another year (he’s such a great snow shoveler)
  • Take a solo back-packing trip…and live to tell about it
  • Focus more on my writing and maybe even do something about it
  • Plan another trip to keep my travel spirit alive

That’s all I got. Too many goals become overwhelming and intimidating, making them less likely to be completed. This causes massive issues for me as I have two personality traits that wage war in these kinds of situations: my desperate need to cross things off the list and my inner procrastinator. Not a good combo….

So I’ll try my best. For now, I really need to get out and play in the snow – my skis await!!

Happy New Year, yall, cheers to a great year!!

cross country skiing mt adams

I can hear the trails calling my name!!




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