Adventures in Parenting (Sort of)

9 01 2013

That’s probably a title you weren’t expecting, am I right? What, you missed the memo about my pregnancy?!

Good news, you didn’t miss anything, I was never pregnant. (Collective sigh of relief) Nope, I adopted! Not the wrinkly, bald, screaming type, but the furry, slobbery, tail-wagging type. Oh yes, I got a dog.

This is a bigger deal than you might think. For one thing, I’ve been looking forever. Shelters, rescue groups, – you name it. Then a mis-communication with our previous landlords put a nice halt to my search. But for the better, honestly, since we had our little hiatus to Peru and moved across the state.

But now here we are, settling into a house where dogs are allowed, not going anywhere for a while. There have been a few…complications. We haven’t been home a single weekend, first of all. Then, the first available Saturday, in comes massive amounts of snow. I piled on the layers, kissed J farewell, and set off through the white haze to find my pup. A little snow can’t stop me!

After I FINALLY got to the shelter (the snow really did try to stop me), I went back to the kennels to take a look. I don’t know how most folks go about choosing a pet, but I want a dog for very selfish reasons. I want a buddy to keep me company while I’m home alone all day, I want a fun little guy to go on long walks with me, I want a new companion to love me unconditionally. Needless to say, I’ve been picky. The first two dogs I met were cute, but it’s hard to really get a feel for a dog’s personality when you’re sitting in a little room and they’re more interested in smelling the door to the cat room than cuddling with another stranger.

But then one of the shelter employees started telling me about another dog. Everything she said sounded amazing – bring him out! They brought this handsome fellow into the room, he immediately rushed over for some petting, and before long, he was curled up at my feet staring up at me with adoring eyes while I rubbed his soft belly. Perfection.

A mountain of paperwork later, we were headed back through the blizzard together.

adopt a dog from home at last shelter, The Dalles OR

Loves his rear scratched…we’re meant for each other

Adopting a dog means bringing home all their quirks. My sweet guy, Simba, can’t tell me his story. I have no idea what he’s been through, but since he’s a little over 6 years old, I imagine his past isn’t pretty. He’s timid, shy, and jumpy. But as I discovered over the next few days, he’s also affectionate, eager to please, and housebroke (usually) – and amazing good company.

I don’t know what its like to raise baby humans; my mothering skills are limited to my baby plants in my garden (which I ate) and my traveling betta (who’s more interested in his rocks than in me). But I have a good idea as to what happens to a woman once she has her first child – I have countless gal pals that post every sacred moment of their child’s life all over facebook…get a grip, ladies! Sadly, I might soon be joining them. If you happen to be a facebook friend of mine, feel free to remove me from your news feed when my updates become too disgusting.

I just can’t help but be amazed and enthralled at the changes taking place in him! I imagine this must be similar to a mini human learning to crawl or saying it’s first words…right? Simba’s personalty has slowly emerged, and he is quite the little man! The shyness is melting away to reveal a funny and playful side – yesterday, I caught him playing with my stability ball and about died laughing. He’s also turning out to be loyal and loving, following me room to room and laying on the floor while I do whatever I’m doing. He sleeps soundly most of the day, snoring loudly on my purple shag rug next to my desk while I work. And he acts like I hung the moon and stars, the way he looks at me with such adoration, licks my hands when I put his leash on, and tries so incredibly hard to lay in my lap when I sit on the floor with him.

doggy kisses

covering my face in kisses…thankfully not super slobbery ones

I’m assuming tiny humans aren’t always perfect and like to drive their parents crazy, right? I’m pretty sure my pup is right on board. We wake up at ungodly hours for bodily demands, we poop in the wrong places, we whine and cry just because we want our way even though we’ve gone outside 40 times in the last 2 hours and still have not leaked one OUNCE of pee. (I know I left some patience lying around here somewhere…)

But considering it’s only been a few days, he really is doing great. He even managed to charm J into a couple outings while I ran to the store. That’s saying something, since we clearly agreed this was to be my dog, responsibilities and all. And despite my frustrations with him, I know it’s not his fault. He’s just a dog, and we don’t exactly speak the same language. Besides, he’s MY dog, MY baby, and therefore, I love him no matter what he does. We’re good for each other – both needing the other. He needs my attention and my forever home, I need his walks to get me away from my desk a few times a day. Ok, and maybe I need his attention, too.

I think he knows I’m writing about him – he just looked up at me with one ear kind of down to one side, the other standing up, put a paw on my leg and licked my elbow, then curled back up on his rug to go to sleep. There’s nothing like puppy love. ❤




6 responses

9 01 2013
Lucille Glasgow

Glad you have a dog to keep you company. I’m glad I have Junior, too.
Love, Grandma

10 01 2013

Yes, he’s wonderful company. Too bad he doesn’t have Junior nearby to play with!

10 01 2013

He is a very handsome and lucky boy!
Sent via BlackBerry by Tea Jae

10 01 2013

Thanks! I’m glad somebody besides his mother will tell him how good-looking he is. Dad says he’s ugly! You should come visit so you can tell him in person. 🙂

16 01 2013
Stacie Chadwick

How cute are you? I just got a new dog a month or so ago. I love him to death, even when he eats other dogs’ poop. =|

7 02 2013

Again, I can’t believe I’ve slacked so bad on my comments section. Especially since I missed an awesome comment like this. My mutt is a month old in our household now, and I can’t imagine life without him. Even when he licks my face at 2am. And your post about adopting your dog was adorable. Chaos indeed! 😀

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