19 02 2013

You’ve seen Step Brothers, right? With Will Ferrell?

My last two weeks have been like this – my head is spinning from SO.MANY.ACTIVITIES! I started a couple drafts, trying to tell you all about it, but never had time to finish a full post, so I’m going to blast through and give you the short and sweet version.

Buckle your seat belts and hang on!!

1) Heat My House! – we finally threw ourselves a house-warming party. Several great pals from Bend journeyed over Mt Hood for the festivities and some great folks from around here joined us that evening. We talked, we laughed, we ate (a lot – or was that just me?!), we laughed some more, we drank (then we REALLY laughed), and we had a big sleep-over with bodies dispersed throughout the house. The house was indeed toasty, full of great people.

2) Trout Lake Cabin Fever – I’ve actually had cabin fever in some form or another for a couple months now, but the delightful town of Trout Lake gathers everyone to celebrate and/or whine about it together. Ski races and live music and dances at the town Grange – might sound a little old-fashioned to you, but then you must not live in the middle of nowhere under 4 feet of snow with little contact with the human race. We might have the Internet these days, but community gatherings in real life still warm the soul like nothing else.

And so we hung out with our community. Unlike most communities, this required a 10-mile round-trip cross country ski in order to do so. (Ok, this was just one event, but STILL.) What a blast! The Forest Service opens up this crazy-old historic cabin way off in the woods and everyone skis up to see it. They set out cookies and hot chocolate and a couple folks give interpretive talks to tell you all about it. I love history, skiing AND cookies, so I was totally in. The day was gorgeous and J and I hit the trail hard – I could just about keep up with him!

Gotchen Cabin, Gifford Pinchot National Forest

The 2-room Gotchen Cabin, built in 1908, occupied until the late ’90’s. The resident’s commute to work involved a 5-mile ski just to get to the car! Wooo!

Gotchen Cabin community spirit, Mt Adams Ranger District

Making new friends, sharing some hot chocolate. My kind of party!

3) Bend in the road – I had so much fun skiing up to the cabin with fellow Trout Lakers that I almost forgot I was driving down to Bend the same night. It’s only about a 3.5 hour drive now (as opposed to the 8 hour haul from Twisp), but I had to pack, too! The dog and I finally made it around 10pm and settled into our guest digs with great friends. This whole last week was a nice polar-opposite to what Simba and I are used to. We work from home, venturing out for our walks, but that’s about it. Sometimes we run into the neighbors, but mostly it’s just us.

So a week in civilization is stressful, but in an exciting way. Simba absolutely adored our temporary routine. The first half of the week, we were able to walk to work. My company is a dog-friendly workplace, so Simba was welcome to join me in the office all day…which is his new favorite. By Wednesday, he trotted up the non-working escalator, made his rounds of greeting coworkers, then sprawled out on the big rug to settle in for a nice nap. He managed to rouse himself at the sound of anyone walking through, to make sure he could score another belly rub or game of tug-of-war with his favorite rope toy. Our lunch hour was spent walking through the nearby park or walking down to a restaurant with outdoor seating so he could come, too. Some days we had coffee dates and some days we would walk over to the other side of the office where he scored even more ear scratches and compliments. I’m telling you – this dog has got it figured out.

dog at work in Bend OR

Seriously, I need to get promoted to his job. He’s just working SO HARD!

Then we switched houses and stayed with our friends who own a beautiful Saint Bernard, and Simba’s bestie. They wrestled, they romped in the backyard, the shared a water bowl. Hilarious and adorable. Friday, J joined me and Saturday we headed up Bachelor – J took me skiing for the day! I demoed some boots since I don’t have any yet and finally got to test out my new skis. What a fantastic day. We squeezed out 5 or 6 runs before my legs wouldn’t take any more and we headed down. Pretty sure I’ll be pro soon.

Mt Bachelor skiing, Bend OR

Yep, scouts should be calling soon.

4) Why I love FaceBook – this is not really a fun adventure but a crazy story. Saturday after skiing, we met our friends at a restaurant/bar/brewery for drinks. I had stuck my ID and debit card in the pocket of my ski  pants, then grabbed them out as we ran out the door to meet our friends and stuck them in my jacket pocket. As we left, I pulled my phone out of the same pocket, dropping my ID in the process. But I didn’t notice! We swung by the grocery store to get stuff for dinner and I found my debit card all lonely in my pocket. Trying not to panic (and glad I wasn’t buying beer), I called the restaurant where we had met – no one had turned in any IDs. I went back and looked all over the place, but didn’t find it. DANG.IT. I finally gave up and surrendered to the fact that I was going to have to order a new one. The biggest bummer of all: we went to WinterFest that night but left early because I couldn’t get into the beer gardens. Standing outside the beer gardens with all the lame high school kids is NO FUN AT ALL. And of course that’s where all our pals were.

Sunday, we packed up to go home. I did a little shopping first and met my sister for lunch. I got a facebook notification on my phone and actually checked it (a rare thing for me to do). It was from some stranger, so I read on, curious. “Hi, I found your license outside McMenamins Saturday night, call me and I’ll get it back to you.” Wait, what?! I drove over and got the story: she found it, posted on her facebook wall that she had it and asked if anyone knew me to let me know. A guy I work with is friends with her, saw it, helped her get to my facebook so she could message me, and then sent me a separate message telling me to contact her. How insane is that?! And I just happened to still be in town when she messaged me, and I received the message before heading back home. I was so grateful, I awkwardly told her husband about 4 times how much I wished loads and loads of good karma on them for returning my ID. They put in the extra effort to find me instead of just tossing it in the nearest mail box, sending it to Twisp since my address isn’t updated on the actual license. Good people still exist!!

5) The End. There you have it. The latest in the Wild and Crazy Adventures of KSnapped. Until next time, adios!




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