Trout Lake has a LAKE!

13 03 2013

I’ve lived in Trout Lake, Washington, for about 3 and a half months now. Sadly, it never actually occurred to me that there is an actual lake, with water in it, that goes by the same name. I’ve been all busy discovering all sorts of things about our quaint new town, and here this great discovery was right under my nose the whole time.*

*Ok, technically this happened like, three weeks ago, but I haven’t had the chance to get this post up. Meh, the story’s the same.

Wait! It gets better! Said lake just happens to be within walking distance of my house. Now, how cool is that?

I discovered the quiett little Trout Lake of Trout Lake while wearing out walking my pooch. There’s a little side road off the highway, just a little ways down. We’ve turned down this road before, but never walked to the end. But the sun was out, the dog was excited, we had all day – it was finally time to see what else was down this road.

The mud of melting snow didn’t even slow Simba down as he zig-zagged the unpaved road, seemingly following the delicious scent of something, occasionally leaping into the snow piled along the ditches. We passed a few big farm houses and some empty fields, but there really wasn’t much else out here. Adams loomed above us, birds twittered, but there wasn’t another soul to be seen.

I decided it was time for more off-leash training. I called Simba to me, rewarding him with a treat when he actually obeyed, and unclipped his leash. You should see how fast he can run! He raced down the road, into the trees, back out onto the road, straight at me, across into the trees on the other side. He tripped over himself a couple times, rolling through the snow and leaping back up, making sure to turn around to see if I was watching. I just laughed and laughed.

I was so busy laughing at Simba that I almost didn’t notice the change in landscape. The road curved around to the left, climbing up into the forest a bit. But the views opened up to the right, Adams beautifully framed in tree branches….wait…two Adams – the mountain was being reflected! In water! I stopped to take it all in. And take a couple pictures, of course.

Mt Adams behind Trout Lake, Washington

Adams, you look so dapper in the crisp winter air!

While I was busy conducting a photo shoot with Mt Adams, Simba was busy exploring and making new friends. I heard the bark of another dog and took off after him. The trail led down to the water and I slid through the snow and ice to find Simba trying to play with a couple dogs twice his size. Thankfully, the dogs were there with their owner, a woman who works with J and whom I’ve met before. Oh, said woman is also mega nice. We chatted while the dogs played and promised to get together for a doggie play-date. Her and her pups headed back down the road while Simba and I hung out for a while longer.

walking the dog Trout Lake WA

I just leave those EARS!

I love watching Simba, as he’s just so interested in everything. Every tree, every dirt clod, every blade of grass has to be sniffed thoroughly and peed on. Oh man, then he noticed noise coming from the lake: geese! And ducks! Not one to jump in freezing cold water, we sat contentedly on the shore and watched the birds from afar.

Now that we know how close it is, Simba and I walk to the lake all the time. There’s not much snow left any more, but that’s fine by me. The view certainly never gets old!

Who knows what we’ll find next!





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