Hair of the Dog

15 04 2013

Ah, old sayings. I just love ’em. My Mississippi Grannie used to have the best ones. “I’m sweating beans!” was always a fav. This one, however, “the hair of the dog”, was unknown to me until my college years…maybe because I didn’t need it before then.

Yesterday, the meaning phrase took on a whole new meaning, thanks to my actual dog (rather than the metaphorical one that bit me in the face on Saturday). Whoa, hold it, on second thought, I should tell you about that one first. The fact is, yesterday I was ferociously hung over. How did I get there? Well now, that usually is the question, isn’t it.

It all started with one of my besties, Nic-o-li. (Of course that’s not her real name, but I need something to differentiate my many besties…) She conquered the snow-covered Mt Hood from Bend, early in the morning, to meet her other friend So, and I was invited to join the party (since I live here already…). Nic, So and I met at Starbucks and mapped out our War Path. Our mission: drink of the sweet nectar of as many wineries as possible while suffering the least amount of casualties possible.

If you don’t know about the Columbia Gorge that slices the border between Oregon and Washington, there’s just one fact you need: we grow some damn fine grapes up in here! I’m not sure who to believe on the exact number, but it’s something ridiculous, like 40 wineries in a 40-mile stretch. The climate and the soils and the stars all align to make this area a grape-haven. And this past weekend was Passport Weekend, where you buy this $15 “passport” and you get all sorts of deals and free tastings and complimentary tattoos (fake, of course). Woooo!

I have to admit up front that I’m not a wine-o in the sense that I know the first thing about wine. Well, unless you count the fact that I like to drink it. That I know ALL about. But Nic and So know lots and lots about wine, so they were like my personal tour guides into the fabulous world of Barberas, oak barrels and proper cork technique. And away we went!

marchesi vineyards, hood river OR

Nic, So, and me, chilling with the vines!

We started at 11am…it was a long day. But also crazy amounts of fun!! We were served amazing snacks and tasted all sorts of incredible wines and each bought our favorites along the way. The most fun of all: my companions, duh! The party was us, and everyone had a blast with us everywhere we went.

The moral of this story is quite simple: fabulous women get you fabulously drunk. Old news!

So yesterday…oh yesterday. I woke with a train thundering through my brain, driven by a nice pinot noir. J and I had wanted to go skiing – didn’t happen. I thought about attacking my spring cleaning – didn’t happen. Due to the crazy-insane weather, Simba’s morning walk didn’t really happen, either. But I did crawl from my bed to his, where it was dark, and warm, and full of snuggly mutt…..and covered in hair. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, even in my condition I had to chuckle at the word play.

In an effort to return to the human race, I agreed to go on a hike with J. I know I know, stupid right? But the sun had come out and Simba wanted to go SO BAD. It took me most of the day to work up to it, but we finally made it outside around mid-afternoon. J picked a hike for us down on the Columbia a little to the east…away from the impending thunderheads. I got out of the car dizzy and nauseous from the curvy roads. We headed straight up into the cliffs and I couldn’t help but think…maybe I should have found the REAL hair of the dog before embarking on this little journey.

But soon the views and the cool winds and the ecstatic look on Simba’s handsome little face changed my mind. This was just what I needed! And the wildflowers were blooming, just as a bonus!!

dog hiking columbia gorge WA

Who could resist that sweet face?! Not me.

So I got my “hair of the dog” in a different sense than what the saying means. I choose to leave all the bottles of wine that made it home with me safely corked/sealed/out of reach on top of the fridge. Instead, I literally covered myself in the hair of my beloved pooch. We rolled in the tall grass, he ran and ran, we rested on top of bluffs with the wind in our hair. And by the end of the day, his hair was all over me. And somehow or another, I felt so much better.

That being said, let me regale you with pictures of the best looking dog on the planet!!

rescue dog out hiking columbia gorge

Nose to the wind

Oak trees on the bluff with rescue dog, columbia gorge WA

Trotting through the little oak trees, happy as a clam!

rescue dog off leash in oaks, columbia gorge wa

This is his “did you see how FAST I RAN?!” face. My fav!

Ok, just three. And then there were the views we got to enjoy as I slowly came back to life:

Coulmbia Gorge bluffs, lava cliffs, WA

Makes the climb worth it!

Until our next adventure, adios amigos!!





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