Spring? Is that You? Nice of You to Join Us.

3 05 2013

Finally May, and Spring just might actually be here. Well, at my house anyway. I’m ignoring all the reports of snow and ice elsewhere in the country. It’s sunny and 63 degrees in my corner of the world, so who cares?! (I kid, I kid.)

But the tell-tale signs are there – happy daffodils dancing in the breeze, winter-dormant bushes and trees exploding buds from every branch, twitterpated little birdies flitting about too early in the morning. Last weekend at my bestie’s birthday bash, we sat out on the deck of the cabin we were renting and enjoyed the sunshine all afternoon. It was a bit cooler than today, but still nice.

I’ve even lost my mind and attacked my house in a crazy whirlwind of spring cleaning. (This can’t be good for my health.) Living in a big, old house has it’s disadvantages. Like forty billion corners for spiders to build webs in, and dirt from half a century ago hiding in odd spots. Thankfully, J and I aren’t slobs and my deep cleaning should last a while. I don’t know how often I can scrub the bathroom ceiling without toppling off the chair or sink – odds are, it’s bound to happen eventually!

But the house is looking gorgeous, the yard is looking gorgeous, and Simba and I sat in the grass in a nice patch of sunshine for a solid 5 minutes today. My coworkers in the office take smoke breaks, I take sunshine breaks.

spring daffodil, Trout Lake WA

Sun shiney daffodil – it’s glowing!!

I am a little bit sad that ski season is over, and I’m probably more surprised than anyone that such a statement would ever come from me. But I finally have an AMAZING gear set-up (minus poles, I never did get a set…) and was super amped up to become a ski pro. (It only takes a couple days on the mountain to be an expert, right?) I’m glad we managed to squeeze in 3 days of spring skiing, but it’s over, and I’m left whining about it.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not sad winter is over. No no, old man winter definitely overstayed his welcome this year. I love living in a place that sees more seasons that hot, really hot, unbearably hot, and 2 seconds of slightly chilly (I grew up in Texas), but I’m not crazy about 6 months of winter, either. At least I still get to hit the mountains, but now I’ll be in my hiking boots and back-pack!! Look out Adams, here I come!

In celebration of my favorite season and my middle name, here are a few more photos of flowers and new growth. There are no people in them because I live in the middle of nowhere. C’mon, now.

spring budding leaves, Trout Lake WA

I love a good set of new leaves

spring time budding bush, Trout Lake WA

And then BAM! new buds

blue flowers, spring in the Columbia Gorge

Nice pop of color while I wait for the lupines to bloom

And since he’s a fantastic model and posed so patiently for me, here’s a nice shot of my darling mutt.

adopted dog, Trout Lake WA

My handsome boy!

I hope your spring is going well. I’m off to enjoy this gorgeous weather with my fabulous weekend guests – stay tuned!





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