20 05 2013

Today begins week 8 – EIGHT! – of my training. I almost wish I hadn’t started quite so early – I mean, the half marathon I registered for isn’t until November 2nd. I thought I was going to need that long to work up to that kind of distance. After my last two days of running, I want to run it TOMORROW!! (That might just be the endorphins talking….)

But the fact that I’ve kept going this long is now fueling my determination to keep going. I even proudly declared myself a runner this weekend – in front of people! I’ve ran 3-4 times a week for 7 full weeks now, so I decided it’s time to stop being a pansy and push myself harder: more mileage!! So far, I’ve ever-so-slowly crept from a measly 2.5 miles the very first day to an average of 3.5-4 miles every time. Then there was that one time I did 5 miles….and I keep thinking, “I CAN GO FARTHER!! MUST.GO.FARTHER!!!!”

So yesterday, I laced up my tennies, swept up my pony-tail, and took off. Guess what? I RAN 6 MILES! Told ya I could go farther. 😀  Oh, man, and it felt so incredible. I have finally discovered the elusive Runner’s High – and I’m even more addicted than before! I didn’t even know that was POSSIBLE!

This actually happened at the perfect time. I’ve been reading all sorts of fitness blogs and magazine articles and advice columns, and have become so overwhelmed. Shoot, I don’t have a specific “training plan” – I need to make one! Dang it, I should be supplementing my running with this weight workout, and that type of yoga, and those interval sessions. And the food! I am definitely not eating right – I need protein shakes and only these certain veggies and absolutely no sugar whatsoever! Hold on – this article contradicts all of the things I just started doing based on the last article! It’s unbelievably confusing and frustrating. Who do I believe and what do I dismiss as garbage?

And that’s not even including all the talk about GEAR! I need these super amazing mesh shorts and this fancy airflow, aerodynamic t-shirt so I go really fast and smell like roses. Then there’s the blister-proof socks I can’t live without and the heart-rate monitor and the special earbuds for my music. And let’s not forget the foam roller, the super-stylish headband (to make me look like a super-babe), the glow-in-the-dark ponytail holders, the water bottle hip holster and the it’s-cool-’cause-I’m-a-runner fanny-pack. (Let’s face it, a fanny-pack will never be cool, no matter what you’re doing while wearing it.) Seriously people?! I wouldn’t be able to even register for a race because I would be so broke if I bought into even half of this crap! I will admit, though, that certain luxuries can make the long-hauls a bit more enjoyable. I  bought some fancy new shoes that have helped immensely with my knee issues, and certain kinds of socks really do keep me from getting blisters. And I tested out a CamelBack hydration pack yesterday and might like it….although I’m pretty sure the water was close to carbonated by the time I got home!

hydration for race training, Trout Lake WA

I subconsciously color-coordinated my gear…I’m just that cool.

My new plan is much more simple: focus on the running. We already eat pretty healthy, steering away from processed food full of junk as much as we can. I cook a good deal of lean meats, and eggs every morning for breakfast, and tons of fresh fruit and veggies. So I’ve decided to just keep eating healthy and try things that sound interesting but not freak out about it. I also already incorporate other workouts for the days I don’t run, and I’m happy with those, too. I can calm down about all the other stuff for one simple reason: I’m seeing RESULTS with what I’m already doing!!

Are you ready? The announcement you’ve all been waiting for: I’m a SUPERMODEL!! Just kidding. But I’ve been tracking my measurements as well as my weight, and I’ve lost an inch off my thighs in addition to 4 pounds. My legs will always be thick – it’s just how I’m built – but now they are firm and solid and strong! (rawr hear me roar!) My arms and abs are starting to get a little definition and, best of all, my energy levels have increased and I’m happy as a pig in mud about 90% of the time. This running shananigans is fantastic!! And remember how scared I was at first?!

That is gone. I found my zone yesterday, as I was running, when my side cramp faded and knees quit their whining. It happened around mile 3.5 and I felt like I could fly! My breath found its rhythm, my mind cleared, my body realized it wasn’t going to die. Just the birds in the trees, the thump-thump-thump of my shoes on the pavement – I synced. I’m not even sure what I synced with, but it happened. Then I realized as I hit the mark for my last mile, that I turned around at that same mark on my first run. Now it was my home stretch. I became even more elated and finished the last mile with a pace of 9:45 – one of my fastest miles yet! Maybe my new fancy haircut from Saturday has given me super-human powers, but I felt invincible, unstoppable, unBEATable!!

running high, Trout Lake WA

Look out world – my new bangs make me INVINCIBLE!!

My Runner’s High even carried over to today and I convinced JRock to go on a nice little 2.5 miler with me before dinner. We booked it and did less than 10 minute miles! And Simba got to go. I didn’t take him yesterday because I wasn’t sure he would make it in the heat. And I was lonely without him. But both my boys rocked it today and we all got to feel like superstars.

WOOOO!! Bring it, half marathon! I will DESTROY YOU!!!





4 responses

21 05 2013
jee scapes

Keep running forestet! You’ll be running 1/2 marathon distances before you know it.

22 05 2013

Thanks! I sure hope so. How did The Wenches do in Portland last weekend?!

22 05 2013
jee scapes

All finished even though two were unwell with respiratory infections. Esther finished in 2:20….beating her previous best by 10 minutes.

23 05 2013

Nice! That’s fantastic! My goal this time around is just to finish – 2:20 seems FAST! My new motivation can be to see how close to Esther’s time I can get! 🙂

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