Gray Skies and Gray Hairs

30 05 2013

Man, talk about a downer kind of week! The gloomy skies and dribble of rain haven’t let up since last Tuesday. It has put me in a funk, a funk I tell you!

Friday was great and a trip to Portland with my beau lifted my spirits from the drab week. But I wore my contacts and paid the price Saturday. Blind and in pain, I stayed home instead of going hiking with J. LAME!  Sunday, the rain slowed down, so J and I went for a run. I just didn’t have it in me that day and couldn’t make the 6 miles. We turned around earlier than planned and J tried to keep encouraging me (we did still go 5 miles) while I just tried not to pass out. I felt ready to either throw up or break down in tears by the time we made it home. Bigger LAME!

And on top of all that, I was just generally foul. The cranky bug bit me and I couldn’t shake it. I sulked, I pouted, and I moped.  Then came the icing on the cake, the topper to really kick a girl when she’s down: blow-drying my new super-model hair-do, I found 6 or 7 gray hairs right on top. I’m only 28, for crying out loud!

Things that normally cheer me up didn’t work. My long holiday weekend was going to waste because I couldn’t escape from my self-induced pity party.

That is, until I decided I must. I finally reached a point where I couldn’t stand myself anymore and wondered how long J hadn’t been able to stand me, either. So Monday morning, I got up. I took Simba for a walk in the drizzle and didn’t get mad when we tracked a mess through the house on our return. I ate my cereal as cheerfully as I could, though poor J was still cautiously eyeing me from across the room. Finally, he ventured closer for conversation.

“So, would you want to go hiking today?”

I glanced outside at the steady rain, turned back to him and said, “Yes. I would.”  Enough is enough.

We changed clothes. I dug out my rain pants and old waterproof boots and filled a pocket of my cheerful, blue raincoat with treats for Simba. And out the door we went.

hiking in the rain, Falls Creek WA

We’re going out hiking and we’re HAPPY ABOUT IT, DAMN IT!

We drove a ways out toward Carson, WA. J had a particular trail in mind, one he thought I would really like. He’s good at finding trails I like, and I felt stirrings of excitement. My grumpy-pants cure was coming, I could feel it!

The farther west we drove, the harder it rained. The forest was dark and saturated. We made it to the trailhead and stepped out to an eerie hush about the trees. Just the drip-drop of water on the leaves and puddles, making me think of the rain scene in Bambi. You know the one? Drip drip drop little April showers…but without the scary lightning at the end…

Today’s trail, Falls Creek Trail, was relatively flat (compared to the mountains we’re usually climbing) and we  fell into a nice rhythm. We sloshed along and I tried to release my negative energy to the trees, soaking up their life and wisdom. I think trees are just so wise, especially the gigantic old-growth ponderosa pines we passed beneath, quietly watching over the forest for hundreds of years.

Falls Creek Trail, WA

Falls Creek Trail, following (wait for it) FALLS CREEK!

The creek rumbled below and we passed over a couple awesome bridges that scared the bajeebas out of Simba. But my brave little mutt tucked his tail, hunkered low to the boards, and scurried across both bridges, despite his concerns. Good boy!

Unlike Simba, the crashing and tumbling of the swollen creek struggling over the rocks was like a cool salve on my cranky soul. My phone couldn’t capture the healing surroundings very well in the rain, but I tried anyway.

Falls Creek Trail, Carson WA

A little side stream, babbling it’s way down to the bigger brook

Blurry and water-spotted, but beautiful. I tried to focus on that beautiful forest, pushing my stress out. I ignored the blisters forming in my too-small boots, and the dripping strands of hair that refused to stay back, and the water that somehow made it inside my jacket and was trickling down my neck. I took deep, refreshing breaths and took it all in. I….relaxed.

Falls Creek Trail, rainy westside WA

The muted sunlight filtering in through the leaves…breathe in, breathe out….

After just about 2 miles, the chatter of the creek became more of a roar. I nearly bumped into J before noticing he had stopped and was pointing. Duh! Of course there would be a waterfall on Falls Creek. I should have been paying more attention. I still was not prepared for the waterfall we came upon.

Falls Creek Falls, Carson WA

So humbling, I could barely eat my snack!

The above image is just HALF of the waterfall – the top portion is cut off. There were sort of three parts to the falls, and once I quieted my belly with a little snack, I just stood and stared. And stared some more.

Falls Creek Falls hike, Carson WA

Amazing, awe-inspiring waterfall and my two favorite boys – BE HEALED!

And there it happened. At the base of this 200-foot waterfall, with my two best dudes, I felt better. Whatever weight I had been carrying around was lifted, and I felt my old happy self returning. I should have known – if a hike with these two knuckleheads can cure a hangover, it can cure anything!

After a happy hike back, I realized once we got to the car that we were a trio of drowned rats. I brought a towel for Simba and tried to at least get some of the mud off, which was difficult since he was sitting on the towel in the back of J’s car. Then I whipped off my rain gear as fast as I could, threw it in the truck, and dove into the front seat. It was still pouring and I was trying to stay dry! A quick inspection revealed J looking normal, just me and Simba as total train wrecks. But we pretended not to notice and ran some errands on the way home.

…one of which was to pick up a little box that would take out the last little bit of sadness I had left in me. I spent an hour and a half in the bathroom and solved every problem I had left. No more faded, mousy brown, no more dreadful gray.

dark hair shining in the sun

My super-model look is now complete. My hair looks dark until the light shines on it. Then it turns BURGANDY!

Why go gray when I can go Black Cherry?!

Good-bye dreary, dreadful cranky-pants, hello fabulous!!





4 responses

31 05 2013
jee scapes

Nicely done. Falls creek falls is suprising to say the least. That old cedar tree that hangs on the cleft between the falls is so amazing. The pic of J, Simba and falls is great.

31 05 2013

Oh man, it was great. Do you know if that Upper Falls Creek trail goes up to the top of the falls? I keep meaning to look it up…..
I’m pretty fond of that picture, too. 🙂

31 05 2013

I really enjoyed your blog. Do you mind?

1 06 2013

Hi Trudie! Of course not, the more the merrier. Thanks for reading!

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