Can’t Sit Still!!

6 06 2013

The weather has taken a turn for summer and it nearly kills me to sit inside all day. I try to limit my time spent gazing longingly out the window behind my computer, but that’s dang difficult. Good thing I can type and stare out the window at the same time! (I almost responded to a client, “That breeze looks so lovely, making the lilacs sway like that!” Maybe this isn’t a good plan after all…)

Yesterday, I didn’t wear my sweater when Simba and I took our 7am walk. That’s the first time since we’ve lived here! It was such a gorgeous walk I felt like a poet, such flowery thoughts were floating through my brain. (And I am no poet, normally.) I am reminded every single morning of what an incredible place I live in. The natural beauty astounds me day after day, even though we walk the exact same path, day after day.

There are so many flowers! and birds! and Mt Adams – holy cow!! I just can’t get enough. I get EXCITED to get up at 6:45 every morning to take Simba out. I’m as disappointed as he is if we don’t get to go (like the entire two weeks it dumped rain every day…).

So here’s a little preview of the glorious morning Simba and I enjoyed. You’re welcome to swing by and join us!

Mt Adams, Washington

Adams watching over us the whole way – such a nice old gent!

walking the dog in the country, Trout Lake WA

Simba loves the tall grass, and pouncing on mice in the fence row like he’s a fox!

dirt road meadow in the forest, Trout Lake WA

This open field appears to be part of a tree farm with tiny little baby trees popping up in rows. And DAISIES! (I love daisies.)

field of daisies, Trout Lake WA

A close-up of the above-mentioned field of daisies. HOW GREAT ARE THESE?!


shady lane at Trout Lake WA

The shady lane along the lake. Simba to the left, Mt Adams and Trout Lake the lake to the right. How can you not just love this to pieces?

shadows and lupines, Trout Lake WA

Just a girl and her pooch, loving the life we live. And these lupines. We love lupines, too.

The birds twitter all around us, a nice gentle breeze is usually blowing, and the quiet morning surrounds us like a peaceful hug. It’s a great way to start the day!


Ok, so now I’m going to sneak this in at the end of the post, while you’re all distracted by the pretty pictures. I can barely type I’m so excited, partly because my knee banging the underside of my desk keeps messing me up, partly because I’m embarking on an adventure of a lifetime soon. As in tomorrow. For those of you who are growing tired of pictures of flowers and my sweet mutt, stick around just a little longer! KSnapped is about to get a whole lot more exciting! (Well, Simba will still probably be in all my pictures, but he’s so cute you don’t care, do you.)

Life is good, my friends, life is good! Now I have to go pack.





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7 06 2013

We will be there to visit in no time! Safe travels!

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