Three Years and a Big Shiny Rock!

5 09 2013

Holy Moses, folks, you’ll never believe it – JRock and I have been together for THREE YEARS!! We’ve tolerated each other quite well, and I think I can safely say we even still like each other. Isn’t that something?! Good grief, that means 36 months together,  156 weeks shared, 1068 days of not killing one another. I’m quite proud of us!

celebrating 3 years together, Bend OR

25,632 hours – so far! – with this dashing gentleman

We don’t actually have an exact date we call our “anniversary”. I’m going to blame this on the fact that we never made our relationship “official” on Facebook. (*gasp* are we even actually dating if we didn’t tell Facebook?!?!) Whatev, we just decided to celebrate on Labor Day weekend, partly out of convenience, partly so we could both remember. We know this is after we met and somewhere near the date I first visited him in Washington.

The first 6 months of our relationship were mostly long-distance, and then we moved in together.

Whew, glad that worked out!

So we celebrated on Labor Day weekend again. Last year we did our 3-day back-packing trip, a trip which convinced me my darling might actually be trying to kill me. But I survived, so we had to come up with something to do for this year.

We’re not really gift people. Instead of stressing over what to give each other, we prefer way-fun activities. We take mini-trips for birthdays, ignore Valentine’s, explore for anniversaries – even Christmas is more about time together than flashy gifts for us.

So imagine my utter SHOCK when J presented me with a huge, sparkly, ROCK for our 3 year celebration!!

He even dug it out of the ground himself!

digging thunder eggs at Richardson Rock Ranch, Madras OR

JRock mining for my present. I wasn’t kidding.

My honey bunches loves me and knew just what to get me:

thunder egg from Oregon

Just what every girl wants – purple, sparkly, unique, and as big as my hand!! ❤

There’s a place outside Madras, Oregon, called Richardson’s Rock Ranch where we were given a couple handpicks and buckets and vague directions of “out yonder” and “close gates behind you”. Then we drove out across their ridiculously gorgeous ranch to beds marked on our sketchy map. Tools in hand, we wallowed in the dirt a while, using our handpicks to pry treasures out of the volcanic soil. These treasures are commonly known as “thunder eggs” (I’d like to know what tool bag got to pick that name, and what he was smoking when he decided “thunder eggs” was the winning choice….). They come in all sizes and really do kind of look like eggs when you manage to get them out intact. You can collect as many as you want, then pay by the pound for what you want to keep. Better yet, they’ll cut them open for you!

And my poopsy-whoopsy knows how much I like rocks and wallowing in the dirt. The beautiful day and gorgeous scenery were just added bonuses!

digging at Richardson Rock Ranch, OR

The digging part was as much fun as the surprises hiding inside the “thunder eggs”!

I could have dug all day, but we had a limited time frame and had to get back to Bend. We did get to wander their rock shop while we waited for our eggs to get sliced, and chatted with the Richardson Grandma outside the shop while peafowl roamed around us. Four generations of their family help with the operation.

And of course, Simba had a great time, too! He even did a little digging himself! (Though I think he was looking for a cool spot to nap, not thunder eggs…)

dog resting in the shade, Richardson Rock Ranch OR

Found a nice piece of shade to sprawl in – perfect!

Oh wait, you didn’t think I meant we got ENGAGED, did you?!?!

Don’t be ridiculous.





2 responses

5 09 2013
Lucille Glasgow

Rock hunting sounds like a great way to celebrate. You know how I love rocks. I still have a bunch you grandkids brought me from the road out front. Love, Grandma

16 09 2013

Yes, I think a love of rocks must be in our genes. 🙂 I have rocks sitting all over the house! Driveway rocks always were the best treasures. xo

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