Adventures in Road-tripping

24 11 2013

DAY TWO!! Up and at’em, adventure awaits!

Simba and I go out for our morning walk and lo and behold! We’re surrounded by majestic mountains! I’ve only been to Salt Lake City under the cloak of darkness, I had no idea! After a quick (terrible) breakfast and some of the worst coffee I’ve ever had, we loaded up and got on with it. We had places to see and things to DO!!

sunrise over Salt Lake City, UT

Good morning SLC!

SLC is … interesting. Of course, we only see what the interstate shows us, which is mostly industry. Driving through big cities like this just remind me what a materialistic, consumerist society we live in as we pass shopping mall after strip mall after mega-mall. We also passed at least 3 trampoline parks. Trampoline parks? Salt Lake must just love to bounce!As we got a little more out of the city we started passing all the subdivisions and suburbs, each with a couple steeples. We marveled at the snowy peaks to the east towering over the city – such relief!

A quick stop at Starbucks (…NEED.REAL.COFFEE…) and we turned off the Interstate and headed into those marvelous mountains. I just adore going places like this with J because he loves rocks as much as I do. We oogled over the cake-layer rocks, the composition of the rock and soil so different from what we have at home. Look at the junipers! Those rocks are green!! Check out that old homestead!

train along the Price Canyon, UT

Choo choo! And the rocks – so cool!

We stopped at a rest stop to make our game plan and go potty. I realized I’d stopped here before…the terrain is so different when there’s SNOW on the ground!! With a destination in mind, we continue.  I see an arch over a dirt road – a ranch! Let’s buy it! Reds and tans mix with the green of the rocks as a train chugs along next to us. Bluegrass blares from my iPod, the banjos fitting with the scenery. Soon we’re cruising down a canyon with awesome sandstone walls. We see some black stripes and – then bam! a coal mining operation! Ah yes, I remember this. Down we go to the coal mining town of Helper, UT. Looks a bit … rough. The terrain becomes less exciting so I turn to other activities.

Before long, we’re in a bit of a snow storm! The roads are fine despite the falling fluff but I’m disappointed we’re losing views of the cliffs to the snow and fog and clouds. Finally we come to our turn-off and head up a beautiful canyon. The snow stops and we are in awe of these unbelievable surroundings, the wild red cliffs and funky rock formations – I sit, stunned. The dusting of snow somehow makes the landscape look softer, gentler than the alien world I remember seeing during the summer.

snow at Price, UT

Snow and red cliffs – what wild scenery!

We parked and headed up the Corona Arch Trail, Simba zooming all over the place with the joy of being released from confinement. The trail was slush and muck in various shades of oranges and reds, making the trail slippery and gross. But we’re in the cliffs, they’re RIGHT THERE. Suddenly, we see the dark red rock open up to a railroad cut – right through the rock! Simba and I took a jog down the tracks, leaping across the ties. Weeeeeee!

Corona Arch Trail train tracks, Moab UT

Down the train tracks!!

Corona Arch Trail, UT

Nice little resting spot

Water is running everywhere from the melting snow – a weird sight out here in the desert. Sheets of water run over the slickrock, but it’s still better to walk on than the snow. We climb up higher, creeping up the canyons walls. Simba gets the hang of it quickly and tries to help keep us on the trail. We search for rock cairns and foot prints and make it to a nice overlook with great views of the cliffs, the canyon and the Colorado River. The arch is on the other side, but we have to scale a short but really steep rock to get there. A nice cable is bolted in the rock to help us out, but Simba probably won’t make it. I don’t want to risk it. So J goes first to check it out.

Corona Arch, Moab UT

Corona Arch!! Astounding when you’re standing right next to it.

Bowtie Bridge, Moab UT

They call this guy Bowtie Bridge. How cute! And huge.

While he’s busy, Simba and I explore our cliff. There’s a gorgeous waterfall echoing into the little gorge next to us. An impressive natural bridge is just across the way. Faces watch us from the vertical walls. This place is so foreign and incredible and beautiful – I can’t get enough! Then J returns from his scamperings and it’s my turn! I climb the chiseled-out steps, traverse the crazy slanted rock, and climb the slippery ladder. I do some scampering of my own, up close to the cliffs where showers are raining down from above. I had to circle around the gorge to get to the arch, so that’s what I did. The natural bridge was awesome to see up close, and to look up through the hole on the other side. Then the arch was there and I was standing directly under it. Woooo! Too bad I was alone and without a camera….

I shimmied back to my boys and we started down, daylight running out. J and I kept babbling on about the gorgeous place and Simba relentlessly zigzagged the trail. Back at the truck, I toweled the messy pup off and settled him in. We made it to Moab and settled in for the night. Our plan is to play a bit more in the morning and work our way to Denver by tomorrow night.

Bring on the shenanigans en la manana!!





2 responses

24 11 2013
Lucille Glasgow

Unbelieveable- you two and the scenery! What a great adventure!- Grandma

28 11 2013

It’s been amazing!

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