One of those Life-Changing Events

5 01 2014

Today is a very special day – very special indeed!! For today is our anniversary!!

No, not for J and I; ours is in August? September? We like to celebrate on Labor Day weekend, so we’ll say September. Our beginning is a little uncertain…when exactly did we decide we were “dating”, so to speak? There wasn’t a specific moment when J turned to me, gazed deep into my hazel eyes, gently took my hand and softly said, “K, will you be my lady? Exclusively my one and only?”

Ha, no. That did not happen. SO not J’s style. But I digress – this is not about J. This is about the other love of my life, and our beginning IS very specific.

Today I celebrate one year with my little boo, Simba. One of the greatest joys of my everyday life. My companion, my copilot, my little spoon, my hiking buddy, my running partner, my pride and joy – on January 5, 2013, this little guy changed my life:

rescued dog posing in the fall leaves, Trout Lake WA

That’s a lot of love crammed into 43 pounds of furbaby.

He’s currently chomping (loudly) on the bone I got him, his back pressed against my back. (I’m sitting on the floor and he’s rolled over sideways. He likes to be close to me 🙂 )

I’ve never had a dog before, not one that was mine and not the family pet. Over the past year, we’ve had so many great adventures together that I can’t WAIT to see what else we can get into!!

Here’s just a little glimpse into our amazing first year together:

puppy fun in the snow, Paulina Lakes OR

A weekend of snowmobiling with friends….

rolling in the northwest snow, Mt Adams WA

Figuring out how much fun the snow can be…

dog snuggling as the little spoon

Watching movies in the floor when Momma doesn’t feel well….

Cherry Orchard Trail, Columbia Gorge, Lyle WA

Exploring trails in the Gorge…

road-trip to Texas with man's best friend

Road-tripping to Texas for a two-week stay, then road-tripping back again….

big dog and little dog out for a walk, Bend OR

Hanging out with his bestie, Osa….

dog buckled into the back of the truck, WA

Learning to ride in the back of J’s truck….

dog snuggles on a cold morning, Trout Lake WA

Snuggling on cold mornings…

man's best friend snuggling, WA

Keeping J in line and teaching him to be a cuddle puddle….

brave dog in the snowy forest, Gifford Pinchot National Forest WA

Dominating the wild forests of Washington….

dog and his rope toy in the fall leaves, WA

And playing with his rope toys. Lots and lots of playing with his rope toys!

Simba was timid and bashful when I first picked him up from the Home At Last shelter that blizzardy day, driving 45 miles to The Dalles, Oregon, to find him. He had no idea what to do with a toy, cowered from anything and everything, startled at the briefest loud noise, and bolted the few times he accidentally escaped out the back door.

Now, he’s the most affectionate, sweet, and loyal mutt, ready with kisses and a toy at every moment. He has no problem throwing a rope toy at you if you aren’t paying enough attention to him and will gladly crawl into your lap if you sit on the floor. We can take walks around the compound without even needing a leash and he loves to run around the forest with me and show me how fast he is. He accompanies me everywhere possible and we’ve grown extremely close. The shelter told me he would be a good dog, if I would just love him, but he’s better than I ever imagined. He’s a dream come true.

I know it’s really cliche to say, but he wasn’t the only one saved that fateful day. He gives me the greatest gift of companionship and has cured me of my loneliness. I want to be the kind of person my Simba seems to think I am, the kind of person that deserves the unconditional devotion of this dog.

Happy Anniversary, sweet boy – here’s to many, many more!!

sleeping pup in his blankets, Bend OR

Sweet dreams, my darling!




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