The 2014 SledNeck Olympics

2 03 2014

Well folks, the 2014 Winter Olympics are now over. We can all get on with our lives.

Fortunately for me, a group of my crazy-rad friends hosted their own Olympic games, and J and I were invited. It was time for the annual event, Cabin Fever, and “the Olympics” became the theme. So last weekend, J and I packed the car and headed south to Bend! Simba decided to spend the weekend with his bestie, Osa, so we dropped him off then continued our journey south to Paulina Lakes inside Newberry Crater. (Last year’s Cabin Fever was pretty epic, so I was SO STOKED for this year!)

We made it up to the cabins and our Olympic weekend began. We might have missed the end of the Olympics in Sochi, but we had all kinds of great ideas for events of our own! You never know WHAT kind of awesomeness this group will think of – and being a bunch of slednecks means things can get pretty interesting – fast.

As the sun set, our creativity kicked in and the real fun began. Out came the sleds and the snow-skate (essentially a skateboard with no wheels) and we attempted to slide off any slanted surface we could find. The A-frame roof of the woodshed? Perfect! The front steps of our cabin? You bet! Should we light something on fire while we’re at it? How could we not?!?!

extreme sledding off the roof, Paulina Lakes OR

K2 launching off the roof of the woodshed! (photo courtesy of CBass)

sledding off the front steps, Paulina Lakes OR

CBass zooming off the slippery front steps like a CHAMP! (also her photo)

snow-skating down stairs, Paulina Lakes OR 2014

And TRex flying through the FIRE TORCHES!! (pretty much all of these photos are from CBass.)

Let’s back up to the torches. JRock was there, so of course something was going up in flames. Being the Olympics, we realized there had to be Opening Ceremonies! So we doubled up on the snowmos and did an impressive torch hand-off from the road, all the way through the “resort” back to our cabin. (Our neighbors were duly impressed!) After the applause died down, the torches were shoved into the snow so we could blast through the flames on our way down the stairs. So good!

The rest of the weekend consisted of massive amounts of fun, snow, bruises, laughter, and gold medals.  We shared meals family style and stayed up WAY past everyone’s bedtime, belly-laughing and getting into general shenanigans. The snowmos were put to good use for sunrise rides up to Paulina Peak (I didn’t get up early enough for that, but JRock, CBass and Skywalker did), trail-blazing meadows for fresh powder, towing crazy fools on the snowboard (no one died), and getting royally stuck in the worse place possible. Medals for everyone!

CBass flying (with a little help from JRock) on the top of Paulina Peak at sunrise. Tell me that doesn’t deserve a Gold for something!

TRex towing CBass on her snowboard – ridiculously awesome! We got a nice crash on video – even better! Another Gold for CBass!

JRock and I surveying the damage – that sucker is S.T.U.C.K! Good thing we had two shovels and 5 people to dig out….and then turn all FIVE snowmobiles around since there was big-fat-no-way we could go any further. Gold to CBass for getting stuck, Gold to JRock for being a bad-ass at getting UNstuck!

CBass in the monster hole where her snowmo used to be. High-five!

I have to say, despite the snowmos being wicked fun (especially the runs to the Peak and the jumps we found to launch ourselves into the air), the best part was the INSANE sledding we did Saturday. I’m not talking sledding on the machines, I’m talking sledding on the flimsy pieces of plastic down the monster hill next to the cabin.

JRock’s crash after flying off the roof and banking around to miss the tree…anyone surprised? No. Gold for J for roof sledding!

extreme sledding by the cabin, Paulina Lakes OR

Look out below! (Excellent action shot, CBass!!)

extreme sledding face first, Paulina Lakes OR

BZoomin’, on a death ride – Gold for face-first sledding!!

extreme snow-skate at Paulina Lakes OR

TRex on his snow-skate, from the TOP – definitely a Gold for that!

The kids were told to wear their helmets…and the adults might have needed them, too. I got home with some gnarly bruises from a run-in with a tree, and at least one sled did not survive in one piece. BZoomin’s girl, D’Lovely, had some really awesome runs, and J’s trail off the roof got more than one child in trouble. Hands down best sledding ever. Fit for the Olympics, for sure!

The last event we held Saturday was the worst one, at least in my opinion. We waited til dark, tossed all sanity and good sense to the wind, and held a Wolverine Race. Never heard of a Wolverine Race? It’s very basic – just a race through the snow. Barefoot.

Needless to say, I lost. But I did participate! (Why would I be proud of that?)

Wolverine Race barefoot in the snow, Paulina Lakes OR

Ooo eee ow ow ow ow am I there yet?!

barefoot race at Paulina Lakes OR

All of our burning, frozen feet after the race – at least there was no frostbite! Gold to BZoomin for coming in first! (Though highly contested by TRex, who got the Silver)

Such a ridiculously wonderful weekend. Three days of being grungy slednecks together – no showers, almost  no changing clothes – like summer camp, but in the winter! It’s amazing what can bring a group of friends closer.

Who knows what we’ll come up with for next year!!

girls on snowmobiles at Paulina Lakes OR

Sledneck fashion at it’s finest – the pinkie twins! Me rocking my helmet with K2 behind me – ready to ride!!




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